Ransomware and WannaCry virus to request Ramsom with Cryptocurrencies, as Bitcoin. What is the truth?

In recent days the media have spread newsloads with much alarm and uncertainty, global service companies report that their PCs and information systems were infected and that unidentified people request redemption through the web, this rescue is Must send to a logical address of the dark, deep, anonymous web, in short an entire story that calls attention, what is characteristic is that the digital currency involved is Bitcoin.

In this article, we will try to see if we can understand what it is about and why it involves bitcoin cryptocurrency, from this perspective many questions arise, Is it true or is it a way to discredit the cryptocurrency? How much truth there are as to who invents the viruses? among other questions.

Making a little history, in Japan they detain a boy of 14 years of age, this young man has created a program of ransomware that serves to sequester data in other people’s PCs. This child is being held in Japan for the creation of a “ransomware” program similar to Wannacry, responsible for cyberattack registered worldwide last month, Japanese media reported today. The boy, a student at a secondary school in Osaka prefecture (west), is accused of creating a “ransomware”, a computer program that limits or prevents users from accessing the PC or files unless they pay a ransom, through free encryption software.

The story unfolds like this, the student, who has admitted the accusations, created the “ransomware”, uploaded it to a foreign website and taught the users of the platform to download and use it, according to sources quoted by the Kyodo news agency. This “ransomware”, which has been downloaded a hundred times, allowed the user to infect the victim’s computer and request a virtual currency rescue, although economic losses have not yet been confirmed, the same sources added.

Likewise, the young man, who supposedly learned by himself to create this type of program, revealed to the researchers that he only wanted to “become famous”, according to the NHP Japan chain.

The arrest, the first of its kind in the Asian country, comes just weeks after WannaCry’s “ransomware” hit at least 150 countries and hit health centers in the UK, large companies in France and Spain, the network Railways in Germany, public bodies in Russia or universities in China.

Also, some six hundred Japanese companies, including Hitachi and Nissan, were affected by this cyber attack. Japanese computer security company Trend Micro has detected more than 65,000 “ransomware” attacks over the past year in Japan, a figure that is 10 times greater than last year.

Then there is other information that surprises that another computer attack is attributed. The NSA attributes the WannaCry virus to North Korea. According to the investigation of the American agency, the virus was going to serve to raise funds for the regime of Kim Jong Un.

This ransomware virus infected more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries. Spain was one of the first to be affected by the attack.

The Washington Post, who cites a research-related person, has studied the strategy, techniques and objectives for several weeks and, since last week, he believes North Korea’s spy agency , The General Office of Recognition, is behind the virus.

Both the IP addresses used and the structure of the virus coincided with previous attacks executed from Pyongyang. Moreover, they have identified that a virus that infected an Asian bank in the early years, and which related to North Korea, worked as a test for subsequent infection.

So it seems that the Kim Jong-Un regime “supported” several “virtual actors” with the aim of creating two versions of WannaCry from an NSA virus that had been made public after leaks Carried out last year by the group Shadow Brokers.

The NSA suspects that one of the goals of ransomware was to raise funds for North Korea, but ultimately failed in a heartbreaking way.

Although the hackers obtained around 140,000 dollars in bitcoins, at the moment they have not been able to access that money.

Despite the efforts of the US government, both with Obama and Trump, to contain the threat of North Korea, it seems that they have not been able to stop them in such sensitive terrain as cybersecurity. Before WannaCry, the most important attack carried out from North Korea was the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2014 following a film that satirized the Kim Jong-Un regime.

In summary, in the first part of this article, one might presume the following, if a 14-year-old boy who is still studying in the early years of his education was able to create ransomware and says that he learned alone, Self-taught, then hung it on the web, taught others to apply it, he wanted to be “famous.” In the next part of this article, the US NSA says that WannaCry, created by North Korea, the goal is to seek ransom in Bitcoins.

There is a lot of inconsistency, because there is a lot of truth, or a 14-year-old boy is more powerful with his creation, or they want to mock users’ intelligence and discredit cryptocurrencies. New announcements are expected.

Reference: elmundo.eselmundo.es

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