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Colombia Will Have its First Blockchain Hacktahon

In the free event, sponsored by government institutions and universities, it seeks to promote blockchain technology in the South American country. In the hackathon may participate Blockchain experts and enthusiasts. The MinTIC, Colciencias and the National University of Colombia made through the ViveLab Bogotá, the BlockchainChallenge, the first Blockchain hackathon in Colombia...


“Blockchain for Good Hackathon” Organized by Hyperledger and Accenture

The giant Accenture and Hyperledger, the blockchain initiative open source Linux Foundation will co-host the inaugural “Blockchain for Good  Hackathon“, scheduled for 30 September and 1 October in Dublin. The hackathon will be held at The Dock, multidisciplinary research and incubation Accenture. Developers from all over Ireland can participate in...