Michael Saylor pledges allegiance to Bitcoin

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor pledges allegiance to Bitcoin through a message on Twitter, allaying market suspicions.

The crypto world is full of great personalities, crypto influencers who due to their opinions, analysis or work by the crypto community are followed and listened to by thousands of people around the world. And one of the most important crypto influencers of recent times is Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy and the traditional businessman most committed to cryptocurrencies. Something that has become clear now that Michael Saylor pledges allegiance to Bitcoin in the Tweet of the day:

Michael Saylor Maintains Commitment to Bitcoin

In the middle of last year, MicroStrategy, a traditional business software provider, made headlines globally. This after the company decided to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Bitcoin, starting to use the cryptocurrency as an asset store of value. A move that has not only brought the company multimillion-dollar profits, but has turned its CEO, Michael Saylor, into a hero of the crypto world.

And it is that, MicroStrategy’s decision to trust Bitcoin as a haven for its capital, opened the doors for other traditional companies to do the same. Which has allowed world-class companies like Tesla to enter the cryptocurrency market. Acquiring, in the case of Tesla, the equivalent of 1,500 million dollars in BTC.

However, and despite the signs of support for the crypto world by these companies, the doubt remains among many crypto users. Those who fear that at some point entrepreneurs like Elon Musk or Michael Saylor may decide to exit the market, taking their profits. Therefore, when one of these users made his question public through Twitter, Michael Saylor responded.

You know I can hear you both, right? My loyalty to Bitcoin is forever, Justine, forever.

Thus, not only does Michael Saylor swear allegiance to Bitcoin, but he also provides additional security to the markets. Which could be greatly affected if companies with large amounts of Bitcoin such as MicroStrategy and Tesla start selling. Suddenly increasing the offer and therefore pulling down the price of the cryptocurrency.

Reference: criptotendencia.com

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