A Bitcoin at $ 288,000 is possible according to the S2F model

According to the S2F model created by the financial analyst known as PlanB, Bitcoin could reach $ 288,000 before the end of 2021.

Predicting the price of Bitcoin is one of the most complicated activities out there. And it is that, the levels of volatility of the cryptocurrency are such that it is extremely difficult to know exactly when its price will increase or fall. Which does not prevent many analysts from trying to create models to achieve just this. Thus, according to the S2F model created by the analyst known as PlanB, a Bitcoin at $ 288,000 is possible.

What is the S2F model?

Since the birth of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies eleven years ago, dozens of attempts have been made to build models that can accurately predict the development of the price of BTC. Most of which try to establish mathematical relationships between different quantitative factors in the market.

However, so far none of these models has been as successful as the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model. Which was developed by the crypto influencer and financial analyst known as PlanB, establishing a relationship between the number of Bitcoin in circulation (the stock), and the number of mined BTC (flow).

Until now, this model has been one of the most accurate in predicting the development of the price of Bitcoin in the long term. Leading its creator to declare multiple times that its predictive model is correct. And that thousands of crypto users around the world pay attention to the predictions that are carried out with it.

And a Bitcoin at $ 288,000

Thus, and continuing with the results obtained by the S2F model, for PlanB the price of Bitcoin could reach between 100,000 and 288,000 dollars before the end of 2021. That is if the price of the cryptocurrency maintains the trend of the model, such as It has done so until now, when Bitcoin has performed 26% higher than predicted by the S2F, broadly following the trend indicated by it.

This prediction takes more force when observing the result of the S2F model during the first months of this year 2021. When the price of Bitcoin closed at $ 45,240, as the PlanB model seemed to indicate. Giving even more credibility to the predictions made by the crypto influencer. Thanks to this, and although at the moment PlanB’s predictions are still one of the many analyzes that are carried out on the crypto market. The S2F model has managed to gather around it a large mass of users who believe that it is capable of predicting the price of Bitcoin.

As was clear in the Twitter poll conducted by PlanB itself, in which the vast majority of the 53,860 users who voted, were betting because the price of BTC would be between $ 100,000 and $ 288,000.

Reference: criptotendencia.com

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