Max Keizer: Bitcoin Price Has No Limits Because Fiat Currency Has No Bottom

Max Keizer has shared a Morgan Stanley report that supports the success of Bitcoin (BTC) and also shares his predictions.

On February 20, the last episode of Keizer Report was published on the RT YouTube channel where Max Keizer issued quite bullish predictions for Bitcoin (BTC).

The price of Bitcoin has no limits

The latest episode of Keizer Report focused on sharing with the audience a report by Morgan Stanley, called “Why Crypto Comes Out of the Shadows?”, In which it is suggested that Bitcoin has succeeded in replacing gold as a store of value. However, it does not end there.

According to Max Keizer, the Morgan Stanley report even suggests that Bitcoin has advanced on its way to replace the US dollar as a medium of exchange.

In fact, Keizer referred to Bitcoin as a shark that will devour gold and the US dollar.

In addition, he adds that “once it surpasses gold, only the dollar remains and what happens with Bitcoin is that it is the main predator. It is the shark in an ocean full of goldfish or plankton, which is the US dollar.

BTC will devour everything in its path

In this sense, Keizer shares that Ruchir Sharma, leader of emerging markets and head of global strategy at Morgan Stanley, states that they have “fundamental reasons to believe that, no matter where the price of Bitcoin goes, cryptocurrencies will remain as a major asset class. ‘

As for the reasons why Bitcoin is rising, the Morgan Stanley report mentions both the Fed’s monetary policy and a generational shift in which young people view cryptocurrencies as an improvement.

In fact, Sharma noted that while Bitcoin’s volatility is a downside, demand from millennials has helped decrease that volatility, even in the pandemic.

Regarding this point, Keizer raised the following: “Do you accept fiat money where the volatility is zero, but the loss of purchasing power is guaranteed? Or would you prefer Bitcoin, where there is volatility, but the profit on the purchase is guaranteed? Those are your two options.

This is how Keizer proposes that Bitcoin could reach a market capitalization of USD 300 billion. Taking into account that currently the capitalization of crypto is close to a trillion dollars; reaching the stated level would translate into a 300x increase.

So Keizer closed by saying, “Own or have fun being poor.”


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