100,000 Bitcoin addresses are millionaires

After the big bullish rally in the price of Bitcoin, there are 100,000 addresses of the cryptocurrency with more than a million dollars in BTC.

The latest major bullish rally in the price of Bitcoin has led to the rise in wealth of millions of people around the world. Which have seen how in a relatively short period of time, Bitcoin more than doubled in value, becoming one of the most important financial assets today. Reaching the point where, according to the Documenting Bitcoin account in the Tweet of the day, 100,000 Bitcoin addresses are millionaires:

More and more Bitcoin addresses are millionaires

Today, there are thousands of people around the world who are silently lamenting that they did not buy Bitcoin when they had the opportunity. Well, those who decided to take the step and acquire the cryptocurrency when its value was practically 0, today they have managed to multiply their investment several times, generating huge profits.

However, not only those who acquired Bitcoin during its early years have benefited from the rise in its price. On the contrary, companies and institutional investors that entered the crypto world in 2020, have also seen the value of their investment increase exponentially. What is demonstrated with cases like Tesla and MicroStrategy. Both companies that have generated millions of dollars in profits in just a few months.

Thanks to this, there are more and more addresses on the Bitcoin Blockchain that have the equivalent of a million dollars or more in BTC. A fact that only makes investing in cryptocurrencies more attractive for those who are outside of this market.

“Now there are 100,000 Bitcoin addresses that are millionaires.”

However, despite how high this figure may seem, it is not close to reaching its maximum. Well, every day that passes more institutional investors invest millions of dollars in Bitcoin. As expectations for the resumption of the big BTC bull rally rise, and the number of those interested in entering the crypto market and taking advantage of the gains is steadily increasing.

Reference: criptotendencia.com

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