Three Reasons Metadata Privacy Is The Next Level Of Evolution Toward Data Privacy

Most people think that metadata is something you only have to worry about if you are running an SEO campaign. However, most people don’t realize that every task they perform creates metadata that contains all the information about the task they just completed. Even if you click on an image, the photo will have a metadata file that will contain all of your personal information such as your location, device information, date and time information, etc.

Someone can misuse this information in more ways than you can imagine. Therefore, just protecting your data is not enough if you want to stay completely safe. You should also protect your metadata. These are some of the reasons why protecting the privacy of your metadata will protect it completely.

    The most important step in ensuring your privacy is encrypting the information you are transferring, and you can do this by protecting your metadata.

    Metadata privacy protects not only the information you submit, but also the sender’s information.

    Because metadata files contain information about the sender, they also include information about the receiver. By ensuring the privacy of the metadata, you can also ensure the privacy of the recipient.

Whatever you do online, sending and receiving data, HOPR provides the tools and framework for a first layer zero of the Web3 ecosystem, ensuring everyone is in control of their privacy, data, and crypto assets.

Why is the DeFi world waiting for HOPR?

HOPR provides complete network level metadata privacy, which is extremely important in the digital age. Metadata is one of the crucial but elementary parts of completely anonymous financial transactions. In the Decentralized Finance space, all transactions are carried out over the Internet. While platforms encrypt these transactions, they can create caches and metadata that contain detailed information about the transactions.

HOPR understands the importance of full privacy of metadata and provides complete privacy of metadata at the network level. HOPR networks transfer all data through multiple “hops” to eliminate prying eyes and encrypt the transaction in the process. In this way, the metadata that helps to mask the source and destination, as well as the size, sender, and recipient of the data transaction is hidden.

Another advantage of using the HOPR network is its custom second-layer scaling based on probabilistic payments that immediately give the HOPR token a value. This helps avoid high transaction fees on the blockchain.

The extraordinarily strong and huge HOPR community and what does this mean?

HOPR rewards members of its community for helping others transfer data privately and securely. This decentralized network, which in the test networks already had up to 3000 nodes running, has a unique relay test mechanism that rewards each node broker with HOPR tokens. The platform incentivizes community members to run HOPR nodes in exchange for HOPR tokens while contributing to data privacy online.

HOPR is launching the HOPR tokens in a matter of a week, and there is quite a stir in the community. Even before the launch of the token, more than 20,000 members have already subscribed to TG channels in 11 different languages.

HOPR has always prioritized members of its community by rewarding their efforts in various HOPR test networks.

The token’s launch comes after a one-of-a-kind DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) experiment. The timing and logistics of the token launch were decided by HOPR Genesis DAO, a community of more than 3,000 HOPR testnet participants, regardless of the project team.

More than 1,500 votes were cast on the final proposal which is an unprecedented level of participation in the DeFi space. The DAO voted for a community pre-sale, followed by a public distribution on decentralized finance platforms and, which are two popular DeFi tools for providing decentralized liquidity. In total, 85 million HOPR tokens will be distributed.

The high participation of the central community shows passion and great interest in the meaning of the project. Therefore, long-term growth can be expected for the project. By encouraging the collective efforts of its community members, HOPR shows infinite gratitude and appreciation for them.

Why is metadata privacy the next big thing?

The exponential growth of global data traffic has led to an increase in security risk, as many web pages capture all kinds of data to find the right customers, grow and serve customers with matching desires. What sounds like great customer service is at the same time a great risk, since everyone can be influenced, depending on the profile of others.

Data privacy is not enough. HOPR is about to revolutionize the way we send data in the future. Similar to TOR but incentivized so that everyone can earn a token by supporting the HOPR network. Every member of the community that runs a HOPR node will be rewarded for their efforts and contribution to digital privacy.

The company even offers a dedicated HOPR hardware node to stream more data and earn more tokens. Anyone can easily run the HOPR node on their own hardware using HOPR’s easy-to-install software. And it’s open source, so the installation is completely free. You only pay when you use it with the HOPR token. These HOPR tokens will be delivered to the HOPR node brokers as they will send your data privately and securely.

With increasing security risks, we must ensure that our digital privacy is the best possible. We have focused on protecting data, but metadata privacy is the next important level, otherwise it will be a bigger security issue. As the metadata contains information about the data, the sender and the receiver, it is vital to keep it safe from any vulnerability.

Just a fun example for you to understand the difference between data privacy and metadata privacy:

Here you see:

Sender / recipient / item weight / shipping time / and the form

If this were divided into all split HOPRs looking the same, and they would all be sent through different delivery channels the data and metadata would be protected. Reference:

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