Governments and banks are the only winners with fiat currency, says Max Keizer

His pessimistic comments continue to trickle down to global currencies.

Using the analogy of a Hi / Lo game of poker, a variety of poker that crowns the highest and lowest hands as winners, announcer Max Keizer explained that citizens will ultimately lose when it comes to holding government-issued coins.

“Unless it’s a country that can make money by debasing its currency, taking bribes from Wall Street, which packages all those currencies in the form of negative rate interest rate bonds, then it only has one option,” Keizer said during one episode. from October 15 of his show, the Keizer Report, which adds the following:

“You can only try to win the hand with the high hand: gold, silver and Bitcoin. You cannot win by playing the low hand unless you are a sovereign state or a major investment bank, and that’s the game today.”

At the end of a wild year, which included the US printing significant amounts of money, financial difficulties and concerns about a global pandemic, several commentators continue to push for a narrative that prioritizes alternative financial assets over cash.

“The currency market, the sellers of paper money, the sovereign currencies, they are all trying to cite ‘stoking inflation’, but we know that is false,” Keizer explained. “They are trying to downgrade their currency to boost exports at the expense of everyone else at the poker table, the geopolitical game. The question is: who will have the worst currency in the future?”

Only governments and banks can win the low hand option, according to Keizer. However, small players have another route: to win the high hand by owning gold, silver, and Bitcoin (BTC). People often look to this trio of assets as protection against inflation and as a hedge against other economic conditions.

The world economy is on a path that looks worrisome, the pandemic has left countless companies and investors in total ruin, governments print more Fiat money, to try to somehow alleviate the crisis, but the reality is very bad, it is Things may change for the better, but no one knows when, meanwhile, entire families are at levels of despair, blockchain-bitcoin technology can help but it takes a lot of financial education to understand the opportunities, dedication and innovation can go a long way. help. Waiting for new announcements


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