93% of profitable Bitcoin offer at $ 11K, ‘realized price’ recovers from Black Thursday

Onchain data shows that Bitcoin’s breakout above $ 11,000 puts 93% of circulating supply in a state of profit. Additionally, the seven-day metrics show that bitcoin’s “realized price” has recovered from the low that occurred on March 12.

Research and analysis firm Glassnode revealed that when the price of bitcoin (BTC) is above the $ 11,000 range, 93% of bitcoin in circulation becomes profitable. At press time, BTC has been struggling to maintain that momentum as the price has changed below the $ 11k range a couple of times on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s rise led to a decent jump in chain earnings that Glassnode detailed on Twitter.

This was tweeted by the analysis firm. “BTC breakout above $ 11,000 has led to a sharp increase in the supply of profit chain. Currently, almost 93% of the supply of circulating bitcoins is in a profit state, the highest level in more one year ”.

Furthermore, BTC has recovered from the market crash of March 12 (Black Thursday). Data shows that the “realized price” of the crypto asset has reversed the Black Thursday trend. Glassnode charts established for seven-day statistics also indicate that the “price obtained” has doubled.

To add to those statistics, bitcoin (BTC) charts show that long-term holding has touched a new high. “62% of Bitcoin’s supply (11,400,000 BTC) hasn’t moved in at least a year,” bitcoiner Kevin Rooke told his 11,000 Twitter followers on Monday.

Additionally, BTC “profitable days” statistics from the Lookintobitcoin web portal show that the crypto asset has been profitable for 97% of its useful life.

The current optimism in the cryptocurrency world has been quite different this time, as the world is grappling with the reaction to Covid-19 and the faltering economy.

Over the past few days, the USD and US bonds have weakened considerably and many economists think the Central Bank will cut benchmark interest rates this week. Vijay Ayyar, head of business development at Luno believes that central banks will continue to strengthen crypto assets like BTC.

Ayyar similarly reported the following “My view is that with major governments declaring unprecedented stimulus packages we will see continued bullish momentum in the markets.” That includes stocks and gold too. BTC and crypto will follow in this regard. In addition to the fact that a vaccine also appears to be within reach now, there is no reason to be bearish anytime soon. ”

With a 97% shelf life and 93% when the price exceeds $ 11,000, it’s a good sign for crypto advocates. However, bitcoin mining operations need another $ 1,500 more for miners to start thriving, as they did before the May 11 halving occurred.

A report from blockchain analytics provider Tradeblock shows that $ 12,525 per BTC would bring miners to the limit on costs and $ 15,062 per coin would greatly improve profits.

Reference: news.bitcoin.com

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