Max Keizer: Bitcoin will hit $ 28K and correct, then hit six figures

The current rise in Bitcoin’s price, which has so far exceeded $ 11,380, is bound to continue beyond its all-time highs, predicts the Wall Street veteran.

Bitcoin (BTC) will not stop increasing until it reaches $ 28,000, according to Max Keizer, the largest cryptocurrency gains more than 20% in a week.

In a series of tweets on July 27, the famous presenter of the Keizer Report predicted that BTC / USD was heading to six figures after a correction period close to $ 30,000.

Peter Schiff is “vomiting”

Keizer made the prediction when Bitcoin spent $ 11,200 during a day of surprises. As Cointelegraph reported, $ 10,000 managed to stick around for pretty much a short time, a matter of hours, and the data indicated that this latest five-figure trip was stronger than others in 2020.

“$ 28,000 is at stake before we see a pullback, and then we head to 6 figures,” Keizer summed up.

Well known for his optimism and strong preference for BTC over other cryptocurrencies, Keizer gave the gold bug Peter Schiff a further blow. Schiff, who has been celebrating for gold, which is hitting all-time highs against the US dollar, he had previously dismissed Bitcoin’s rise.

“It is either saved or closed for Bitcoin; you now have to keep $ 10,000,” he said during a discussion with Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano on his YouTube channel on Sunday.

Keizer had little time for this and for Schiff’s other arguments, claiming that the Bitcoin skeptic was, in fact, secretly regretting his choice of gold.

“Somewhere @PeterSchiff is throwing up now,” says the same tweet.

Analyst: BTC price is becoming “very interesting”

As Cointelegraph noted Monday, gold is part of a safe-haven boom that is experiencing impressive performance across all assets as the US dollar weakens.

Another giant injection of stimulus from the Federal Reserve, which inflates the money supply, has combined with geopolitical tensions and the ongoing coronavirus outbreak to cause unease among investors.

At press time, BTC / USD was circulating $ 10,943 after hitting its local highs of $ 11,380 overnight.

For Cointelegraph Markets analyst filbfilb, however, even changing slightly lower levels as support would be a tipping point for Bitcoin, with $ 10,500 previously marking severe resistance.

“Escape! $ 10,500 the level that needs to become support, so then things get really interesting,” he wrote on his trading channel Telegram.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem has a behavior that is linked to the financial policies of the countries, at this time there are serious problems worldwide, the United States Reserve injects Fiat money, without assessing that the consequences will be seen in a way Therefore, blockchain-bitcoin technology can become a safe haven for the investor who seeks security for their assets. New announcements expected


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