Cyclebit enables retailers to accept crypto payments in-store, online, and on the go

Cyclebit is a crypto payment processor that enables merchants to easily accept digital asset payments anywhere, both in offline and online environments. It is a global company already established in Canada, the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia. Cyclebit currently supports over 20 of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and more.

Businesses can accept Crypto Anywhere with Cyclebit

With consumer interest in the growth of cryptocurrencies, many more companies would like to accept digital currencies but lack the necessary knowledge and technological infrastructure. Cyclebit solves this problem by allowing retailers to take advantage of crypto payment opportunities with simple, affordable, and robust tools for in-store, online, and on-the-go purchases.

Cyclebit was launched in 2019 as an independent business entity and is based on an ecosystem and technological expertise provided by ibox. This means you can share partner resources with an established provider with over a million transactions per month, $ 1 billion annual turnover, and 200,000 POS terminals using their technology. Cyclebit is currently operational in Canada, the United States, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and selected parts of Europe.

Cryptographic technology makes transactions private, transparent, and direct between merchant and customer, without intermediaries. Cyclebit leverages this to process cryptocurrency transactions in a way that mimics the desirable characteristics of cash for businesses and customers. Some of the superior transaction capabilities include borderless and universal accessibility, no brokerage fees at the point of transaction, a very high level of privacy, and the ability to transfer offline. Cyclebit also charges 0% transaction fees to merchants for all cryptocurrency transactions.

Online and offline crypto payments solutions

As cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular worldwide, accepting them is becoming a way for companies to attract more customers and prepare for the future of payments. This is true for both e-commerce websites and physical stores, which is why Cyclebit offers solutions for all types of businesses. It supports payments in over 20 major cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, BCH, LTC, and ETH, and regularly integrates more popular digital currencies.

For online retailers, Cyclebit offers an eCommerce payment solution with easy integration into online stores. –°ycle Online allows you to accept payments from multiple cryptocurrencies on your website from around the world and then switch to your local currency. The service includes protection against volatility, chargebacks and identity theft, and has no hidden fees for processing payments. With this solution, the exchange rate is fixed at the time of the transaction, which completely eliminates the risk of price volatility. And Cyclebit collects and deposits all processed payments directly into your bank account the next business day.

For real-world stores, Cyclebit offers a mobile point of sale (POS) terminal to accept crypto payments for goods and services. Cycle POS supports QR crypto payments and even allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies to your customers directly in the store, thus adding another source of income to your business. In addition to crypto, the terminal allows you to accept all available cashless payment methods, including bank cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. It’s a work-ready terminal with a pre-installed app, built-in receipt printer, 2D scanner, and Bluetooth-connected card reader / card. It offers high security with encryption of payment data in line with PCI DSS standards.

Cycle POS also helps you manage your cloud business from the device. You are connected to Cycle Dashboard, which gives you a 360-degree view of your payments and business in real time. You can use it to manage your customers, assign discounts, search by phone or loyalty card number, print paper receipts or send digital receipts to your customers and get reports on sales and business performance.

Cyclebit enables shoppers to pay with a tap thanks to the Tangem partnership

Another powerful feature of Cycle POS is that it enables customers to easily pay with a tap of a card on the device through a partnership with Tangem. Contactless payments are fast becoming the preferred method of paying for goods and services in many markets around the world as they offer greater convenience, safety and hygiene. Therefore, this feature ensures that your business is ready for the future of in-store payments.

Tangem and Cycle cards can be loaded with cryptocurrencies directly at your store, providing a much-needed service for users and an additional revenue stream for the business. Each card is, in fact, a “cold storage” crypto wallet with high-grade hardware protection and can serve as a cost-effective solution for storing and spending cryptocurrencies.


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