UK counties warn of Bitcoin scams using coronavirus as a hook

UK residents are warned against scammers who claim to offer information on coronavirus-infected premises for bitcoin payments.

Local councils in Pembrokeshire, Manchester and Norfolk counties have issued warnings to local residents against scams that use the COVID-19 outbreak to exploit fear and uncertainty through text messages and emails posing as an organization. health officer.

Scammers claim they can provide a list of positive COVID residents in their area for an undisclosed sum of bitcoin and are feigning legitimacy by posing as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC))

The warnings come shortly after the UK Financial Conduct Authority warned investors that scammers may try to take advantage of the global pandemic crisis.

The warning was delivered the same day that WHO declared COVID-19 to be a global pandemic with more than 350,000 infected at the time.

Malicious text messages

There has also been a flood of text messages posing as “UKGOV”, an apparent imitation of the official domain, offering a payment of £ 458 ($ 558) to all residents as part of their pledge to fight. against COVID-19 and then direct them to a malicious website through a text message link.

An alert from Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and crime reporting center, revealed 21 fraud reports related to the deadly coronavirus with loss of victims, totaling more than £ 800,000 since February, according to the websites of the government.

Of the 21 reports, 10 were housed by victims who had attempted to purchase masks from deceptive vendors. One victim reported losing more than £ 15,000 when they purchased face masks in bulk that were never delivered, reflecting behavior from the US. USA Of the false merchants.

Action Fraud has also received multiple reports of COVID-19 related phishing emails trying to trick people into opening malicious attachments or revealing confidential financial information.

Elsewhere, several government agencies have also issued coronavirus warnings, including the US states of Georgia, Nebraska, Utah, and Oregon. In addition to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. USA And Malta.

The fraudsters are present in various places, in Latin America, this practice seems to be prospering, those who try to steal financial resources use human sensibility, it is not possible to be immune to helping others, but you have to be careful, you can helping close people, without risking large sums of money. Blockchain-bitcoin technology is built with the idea of ​​generating wealth, bad actors use it for fraud. New announcements expected


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