How to anonymously buy Bitcoin online and in person

Buying bitcoin is a bit like buying contraceptives: it is a basic human right, you must have the right to do it privately, and it is no one’s business what you plan to do with it. Whether you are buying bitcoin to reserve for a rainy day or to spend immediately on a passion attack, you should not have to convey your intentions to the world. Here we show you how to get bitcoin without abandoning your anonymity.

Mine, win, exchange or buy?

In 2020, it has four ways to acquire bitcoins: extract, earn, exchange or buy. While anyone can extract bitcoin, only those with dedicated hardware racks can do so profitably. Therefore, despite the attractiveness of newly minted coins with no transaction history, mining is not a realistic way to obtain bitcoins. Winning, usually through work for an encryption company, provides a more practical means of obtaining bitcoins, but it is not remotely anonymous, since your employer will have all of its relevant details and may be required to pass them to government agencies. The exchange, that is, the exchange of goods or services for bitcoin, is a more practical way to obtain cryptocurrencies.

You can set up your own bitcoin store only, which allows you to sell physical and digital products in exchange for cryptography. Without fixed payment rails connected, you can run the website and accumulate bitcoins without revealing your identity. Naturally, you will need to have something that people want enough to separate from their beloved bitcoin; Think of high quality products, tasteful art, custom bitcoin jewelry or posters inspired by genesis blocks. Of course, you don’t have to set up your own website to sell products for bitcoin; There are already dozens of online stores where you can become a supplier without asking questions. Welcome to the darknet.

Despite what the mainstream media would like to believe, not everything that is sold in the darknet (DNM) markets is illegal. Therefore, you do not need to break any laws in your search to exchange products for bitcoin. In addition to legal paraphernalia of the type found in the main stores, DNM sellers sell medicinal items such as CBD oil. In truth, you can sell anything you can think of in the dark network; The only limits are your imagination and market demand. While selling in DNM is one of the most anonymous ways to get bitcoin, it is not the fastest or the most practical. If you are looking to buy Bitcoin in a hurry, either to place an DNM order on your own or because the price of BTC is skyrocketing, you should buy it directly. Fortunately, there are still ways to buy bitcoin anonymously, or at least privately, that is, without having to submit to KYC, with the total loss of privacy and the risk of identity theft of these companies.

How to buy Bitcoin anonymously in person

There are two main ways to buy bitcoin in person, that is, leaving the house. One is to buy bitcoin using a BATM, an automated machine that will allow you to exchange fiat currency for cryptocurrency. Finding a bitcoin ATM near you is easy and, as a previous guide from explains, there are ways to buy BATM cryptography completely anonymously, if you don’t mind changing some rules. Even if you are a fan of playing with the book, a BATM is usually more discreet than using a centralized exchange to acquire cryptography.

The second option is to find a bitcoin seller willing to meet you in person for a cash deal. Filter the search results in Localcryptos, Localbitcoins or by area, and then send a message to sellers to see if they are willing to meet. Regardless of what the terms of service of the platforms say (LBC no longer allows meetings in person), many vendors will be happy to conclude a cash agreement. Naturally, you should establish trust on both sides, and it makes sense to start with a relatively small purchase before accumulating larger amounts as trust develops. Another way to detect local vendors is to attend bitcoin meetings in your area and encryption conferences. Also search Linkedin OTC sellers in your region. There will be some chancers and waste of time to examine, but once you find a reputable seller, you will have your own private supply of bitcoin on tap.

How to buy Bitcoin anonymously online

If you are looking to buy bitcoin anonymously without leaving home, your best option is to use a P2P exchange such as Localcryptos or There are a variety of payment options available, from bank transfers to gift cards and Paypal, and your data will only be disclosed to the seller. If you wish to hide your identity from the seller completely, it is possible to send funds from an account that controls that it is not in your name; a commercial PayPal account for “Acme Trading”, for example, or a Venmo account that a friendly friend will allow you to use. For a summary of the main exchanges of P2P bitcoins, see this guide from

Finally, there are rumors of individuals paying third parties: homeless; The unemployed; Students: complete KYC on their behalf and then use their identities to obtain crypto debit cards. If such apocryphal tales are true, they would provide a means to buy cryptocurrencies that cannot be traced back to their real buyer. There are also rumors that prefabricated identities are bought on the dark network and used in the same way to buy bitcoin anonymously.

Bitcoin is protection, yes, contraception, against the unexpected. It is a protection against the seizure of accounts, a protection against the events of the black swan and a coverage during economic uncertainty. It is due to its current being to acquire Bitcoin and it is due to its future being to do it in the most private way possible. Your bitcoin is nobody’s business. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.


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