More than 359 companies are building the future in Ethereum

The negative sentiment surrounding the encryption market has done significant damage to Ethereum’s reputation. It has become a common thread throughout the crypto community to question the use case of Ethereum and ask the question “who is building exactly on Ethereum anyway?”

The most frequent response is to target the biggest sponsors of altcoin, The Ethereum Foundation and Consensys. However, a recent list of external companies has shed light on the fact that some of the world’s most respected companies, up to 359 of them, are working hard to develop the Ethereum protocol.

The ether value is handled through the utility

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, and disruptive technology marked the beginning of the emergence of a completely new asset class. But while Bitcoin was in fact the first, many of the encryption assets that have emerged afterwards have been specifically designed to solve many of the problems of the Bitcoin protocol or to expand the capabilities of cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum was one of the first attempts to build a platform for smart contracts that relies on a native crypto asset, Ether, to drive it.

But the smart contract platform is as valuable as the project that is being built on it, and the idea that no one is building in Ethereum could be partly responsible for the losses that the asset has experienced in the past two years.

During the cryptographic hype bubble of 2017, which saw Bitcoin and Ethereum reach the all-time high, new dimes were launched as the ERC-20 tokens were built in Ethereum. While many of these altcoins had plans to move to their own main network, the visibility that Ethereum received due to so many projects that were developed in it, brought the price of the altcoin to a maximum price of $ 1,400.

But after the bubble burst, and the ICO boom became a literal nightmare, Ethereum’s value collapsed. As the negative sentiment reached extremely low levels, the cryptocurrency community had begun asking for the collapse of Etheruem, even calling it a two-digit shitcoin.

Finally, Ethereum reached double digits in 2018, reaching around $ 80. But despite the fall, there is no truth in the idea that projects in Ethereum are not being developed.

More than 350 companies are based on the Ethereum protocol

In fact, according to a recent list shared by investor Adam Cochran, more than 359 projects outside The Ethereum Foundation and ConSensys are being built on the protocol.

Among the list are great hitters and brands known as Nike, Barclays, TD Ameritrade, FedEx, Microsoft, Intel, Ubisoft, Amazon, American Express, Samsung, McDonald’s and many more.

Given how extensive the list is, it is impossible to list them all here, however, the full breakdown can be seen in Adam Cochran’s Twitter feed.

The list is revealing, and it really sells the fact that not only many of the world’s biggest brands are building in Ethereum, but it also shows how much potential the asset has in the future.

It is undeniable that many investors get rid of this crypto as it is ether for not having patience and waiting for the development of projects, patience in many cases causes opportunities to evaporate, blockchain-bitcoin technology has all the potential to Generate wealth through innovation. New announcements are expected


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