Bitcoin January 8 Bitcoin Market Analysis

Bitcoin price rose 15.4% in one week, this January 8 is at more than USD $ 8,300

Bitcoin price started the year well: This Wednesday, January 8 is at more than USD $ 8,300, 5.25% more than yesterday at the same time.

Bitcoin, the main cryptocurrency in the market, which today has a dominance of 69.2%, continues to rise for the eighth consecutive day so far this year. This 2020 has suited him very well, although it could be for very bad reasons: the tension in the Middle East, after the US air attack on an Iranian leader at the Iraq airport, which now has a military response from the country attacked People, before this, are using Bitcoin and other assets as a refuge currency and many are taking advantage of the rain of buyers.

When it’s 7:20 am on Wednesday, January 8 in New York, Bitcoin is priced at USD $ 8,329, 19, 5.25% more than yesterday at the same time and 15.4% more than it was worth the first day of the year 2020. It should be noted that this is the highest price since November 19, 2019.

Operations have been made for more than USD $ 30 billion in the last 24 hours, but many prefer to wait for the sale, expecting higher prices. The capitalization market of the main crypto exceeds USD $ 151 billion.

In addition to Bitcoin, altcoins price rises this January 8

Bitcoin is not the only currency of rise, however of the top ten is the one that has obtained a higher percentage of increase. In the last 24 hours, Ethereum rose 0.5%, Bitcoin Cash 0.92%, Litecoin 4.40%, EOS 2.65%, Bitcoin SV 0.68% Monero 0.54% and Cardano 1.92%. Only XRP and Tether went down: the first 0.63% and the second 0.44%.

Now, if we see the increases in these same currencies in the last 7 days, we will notice that they have all been quite high. Ethereum rose 9.34%, XRP 9.94%, Bitcoin Cash 17.80%, Litecoin 13.66%, Bitcoin SV 16.15%, Monero 27.76% and Cardano 13.92%.

There are other cryptos that surprise today by their increases, especially Chainlink (16th place of CoinMarketCap) that had an increase in the last 24 hours of 14.82%.

The entire crypto market grew by USD $ 10 billion in relation to the previous day. Today it is worth USD $ 219 billion, while yesterday it was priced between USD $ 207 and 209 billion.


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