10 most influential characters for the Bitcoin ecosystem and cryptocurrencies in 2019

This 2019 is culminating and leaves a trail of significant events within the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem. These facts have as protagonists several influential characters of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in general. Let’s see who have been the most influential people for the bitcoin ecosystem and cryptocurrencies in 2019.

Chanpeng Zhao

Zhao is one of the proper names of 2019. In May of this year, Binance, exchange house of which he is co-founder and CEO, suffered a hacking, after which 7,000 BTC were stolen, valued at the moment in about 40 million of dollars. Not only was Zhao extremely shocked by the fact, but he said he was considering making a roll back to the Bitcoin blockchain! Although then dismissed the idea.

However, not content with this, the Binance executive was extremely critical of a specialized environment of the ecosystem, after the portal published information about a company office in China. Following this, Zhao invited the founder of TRON, Justin Sun, to join him in a campaign against the FUD (Fear, Uncertain, and Doubt), to combat this type of journalism.

As we see, Zhao is in this top of 2019 celebrities more for his controversies than for the business success of the exchange house, although, the company also had a successful year. The eccentricities of Zhao and his particular way of seeing the ecosystem have made him part of this list.

Jack dorsey

The CEO of Twitter and Square has taken 2019 to reveal itself as a full-fledged bitcoiner. Not only has he left different comments about the convenience of Bitcoin as Internet money, but his company Square has taken the lead in the development of this technology, hiring several Bitcoin developers like Matt Corallo, or providing financing to others to to continue their work, without depending on this structure.

Dorsey has spoken publicly about Bitcoin, both on Twitter and in interviews. According to him, it is the currency that has the greatest chance of positioning globally. In addition, it has been in favor of the second layer network for Bitcoin routing, Lightning Network.

Although the entrepreneur has made himself known thanks to another type of technological development, his interest in Bitcoin is striking. To close the year, he made a trip to Africa, where he toured several countries doing small meetups with entrepreneurs and African citizens.

Mark Zuckerberg

Still in the field of social networks, but in this case, speaking of Facebook, the creator and CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, has led one of the most controversial projects of the year, Libra. It is a cryptocurrency backed by a basket of national currencies, managed by a conglomerate of companies that, in addition to Facebook, included eBay, Mercado Pago, Visa, Master Card, among others.

The plans did not go according to what was agreed and, although the launch was planned for the year 2020, everything seems to suggest that Libra will not come to light. Several companies have abandoned the project, while Zuckerberg even had to visit the United States Congress to defend the project before the questions of the congressmen.

The idea of ​​banking the unbanked and giving an opportunity to mobilize value to the users of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and some other services, without the intermediation of other institutions has not been enough to convince the congress that the company and the Association Libra , who would manage Libra, will really respect the privacy of the users.

Elizabeth Stark

Elizabeth Stark is the CEO of Lightning Labs, one of the three main development teams of Lightning Network, the Bitcoin microtransaction network. In addition to having participated in several of the main conferences of the year, Stark has successfully led the development of the Lightning Labs client.

A significant element is that Stark was the main promoter of a fundraising campaign to defend the anonymous bitcoiner Hodlonaut from an accusation that would have brought against him Craig Wright, who would have been accused by the first of being a “fraud”, in reference to his public statement of being Satoshi Nakamoto.

Meltem Demirors

Demirors was one of the representatives of the cryptocurrency ecosystem that Congress visited during the hearings on Libra, the cryptocurrency that Facebook intended to create. In her speech, the CoinShares executive focused on the investment opportunity and the wide market that this ecosystem can offer, pointing out that the United States must take a relevant role before another power does.

In addition to this important event, Demirors has kept generating content and comments about the events of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies through podcasts and articles. He recently announced the launch of a gold bullion backed token, by the Blockchain company. Demirors is a high-level executive and in 2019 she has proven herself again.

Kelly Loeffler

Loeffler is CEO Bakkt, one of the most significant future contract platforms of this 2019, since its launch was an important incentive for the change in trend that Bitcoin has experienced during this year. This is a company that offers future contracts that are settled in BTC, as well as cryptoactive custody services, which have the relevant permits, granted by the US authorities.

The richest Bitcoin owners in 2019

The company is a subsidiary of ICE, responsible for the New York Stock Exchange, one of the most prestigious in the world. Not satisfied with this, Loeffler is close to becoming the first high-level executive in a Bitcoin-related company to take a seat in the US Senate, after Georgia Governor Brian Kemp appointed him to replace Johnny Isakson .

Justin sun

The creator of TRON is also part of this list for his controversies, rather than for the achievements of his project. In fact, many of the announcements that were made about alliances, improvements and other elements did not have a really positive effect on the cryptoactive market.

During the first part of the year the executive of Asian origin assured that he would participate in a business lunch and altruism with the renowned investor Warren Buffett. The fact is that, despite the bombs and cymbals around the encounter, especially for Sun’s intention to talk to Buffett about cryptocurrencies, the encounter never took place. At the last moment Sun declined, and there were rumors about the possibility that the Chinese government was following in its footsteps.

Not satisfied with this, and after the acquisition of Poloniex, Sun offered to participate in the Zhao anti-FUD campaign, offering a substantial donation to ensure that the media stop reporting in a “negative way”.

The acquisition of Poloniex also meant the exclusion of other competing tokens from the platform, in addition to several comments that have served to advertise TRON.

Rusell Okung

Los Angeles American football player Chargers. It has revealed itself as a bitcoiner. In fact, not only has he personally demanded that his salary as a professional player be completely in bitcoins (although he has not yet been successful), but he also created a community dissemination and creation platform called BitcoinIs_.

In addition to having organized some meetings in the United States, O’Kung has carried out an intense campaign of gifts related to bitcoins. Satoshis, mobile phones, books, the idea is that those who take the prizes get useful tools to use and learn more about Bitcoin. Recently he has taken his interest in spreading Bitcoin to a new level, using slippers alluding to the BTCPay Server payment processor, as an advertising mechanism for both the tool and Bitcoin.


One of the most recognized bitcoiners during this year, despite the fact that it is an anonymous Twitter user. Hodlonaut was the main driver of the Lightnint Network Torch, a quantity of satoshis that was changing from user to user globally, using exclusively the Bitcoin microtransaction network, Lightning Network.

The success of this campaign earned him a significant rush of popularity, becoming one of the most recognized members of the community, especially on Twitter. Hodlonaut took his game further, directly facing Craig Wright, openly accusing him of being a fraud and a scammer.

This caused Wright to fire his legal arsenal, offering a “reward” for personal information from Hodlonaut. The latter withdrew some time from the networks, but the legal lawsuit did not escalate the elderly, especially thanks to the economic support of the community for the legal expenses of the case. The community had a significant gesture during his absence and as a show of support: a significant number of bitcoiners (but also members of other communities) changed their avatar to take the image alluding to Hodlonaut: a cat, with a space disguise.

Randy Brito

Originally from Venezuela, Brito is one of the Bitcoin entrepreneurs that has generated the most interest during 2019. Brito heads the Locha.io project, which offers a line of devices that would allow creating a network of alternate connections to the traditional Internet, facilitating the sending of Offline bitcoins, as well as other types of alternative communications to text messages and the Internet offered by traditional telephone operators.

In addition, Brito is one of the main drivers of Bitcoin Venezuela, a humanitarian project that uses donations in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to serve social canteens in different areas of Caracas. Both projects have been recognized by the world’s bitcoiners, as they demonstrate that, even in the devastating scenario of the country, Bitcoin can offer significant solutions.

Reference: es.cointelegraph.comt

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