“This is the best time to buy gold and Bitcoin,” says an analyst

Crescat Capital published a new report, in which it analyzes the global financial market, and stated that this is a good time to invest in gold and Bitcoin. The company’s analyst uses the investment of the yield curve in the financial market as the basis for his thesis. He believes that the best strategy is to buy gold and sell shares for the next two years, when the yield curve is invested for the first time in more than 70%.

The report also explains that Bitcoin can also be useful to protect investors against a crisis. According to the material, there have been five cases like this since 1970 and, in all of them, the proportion of gold for S&P 500 (the 500 largest shares in the North American market) has almost doubled.

The analyst says that precious metals are his preferred protection against the printing of fiat currency and overvalued financial assets. At the same time, Crescat explains that cryptocurrencies provide an additional outlet for investors to move away from fiat currencies. The team explains:

“We believe that a small position in Bitcoin could provide diversification and protection with significant gains, but we do not defend more than one or two percent of a portfolio at this time, due to its high risk.”

The report also says that, as was the first cryptocurrency project, Bitcoin has an advantage in the network effect over other cryptocurrencies. The team also talked about the usefulness of cryptocurrencies as a means of remittances abroad between countries that have an authoritarian government.

Venezuela is an example of how cryptocurrencies can be useful for users. Many people are sending funds from other countries to Venezuela to help their families. The report also compared Bitcoin with precious metals, thanks to its shortage. The text reaffirmed that there will be only 21 million Bitcoins and that this makes it an asset comparable to gold.

The article complements it: “Bitcoin is a commitment to technology and cryptography, as well as a vehicle to interrupt and even circumvent government control over money. Bitcoin has a limited offer, such as precious metals, and in this sense it could be a valuable buying option in inflation.


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