Argentine lottery will test with a blockchain to improve transparency

Multi-colored lottery balls.

The authorities of the province of Río Negro in Argentina will conduct a pilot test with a blockchain for their lottery as a first step to determine the utility of this type of decentralized networks and look for other forms of application for the rest of the public administration.

The project would be implemented next year and in a first phase would include the Rionegrina Quiniela and winning coupons of more than 100,000 pesos, according to the Lottery through a press release. Although it was not specified when the tests will begin or what type of blockchain will be used, the institution said that the main objective of adopting this technology is to give citizens greater confidence about the information generated and issued by the lottery.

“We have to tend towards digital, because today the world already is. Today we will begin working with Os City to incorporate blockchain into the modernization process that our province has begun, as another element to provide security to the citizen who is the one who must be accountable”, said Luis Ayestarán, president of the Río Negro Lottery from Argentina, during the announcement of the project.

The company in charge of the project is the local startup Os City. His representative, Lucas Jolías, said he will work with a blockchain, but not with cryptocurrencies. That is, it is not that the Lottery will accept bets with bitcoin, for example, but that the network will be used for audits and internal information analysis.

For the executive, the application of decentralized networks is positive for Argentina due to the experiences that have been registered in the country of manipulation of public information.

Source: Criptonoticias

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