Bitcoin Cash House launches Crypto Hub in Venezuela

A new crypto resource has emerged in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, for Venezuelans interested in learning about Bitcoin Cash and cryptocurrencies. The project, called Bitcoin Cash House, is a creation of Roberto García and is sponsored by and It exists as a physical location and an online initiative, which seeks to educate newcomers to space about the acquisition, storage and general use of cryptography, as well as development and work opportunities.

Welcome to the cash house

Launched just a few days ago, on November 7, Bitcoin Cash House teaches people in Venezuela about the benefits of cryptography. With the nation in a state of economic turmoil and political unrest, many Venezuelans are understandably worried about finding ways to make transactions, send and earn money that do not depend on hyperinflated bolivar or the vagaries of a volatile government.

A Reddit publication detailing Matt Aaron’s launch of describes Bitcoin Cash House as “A cryptographic education center in the city of Barquisimeto, Venezuela. A kiosk of a shopping center where local cryptocurrency advocates teach Venezuelans about the power of cryptocurrency. “

Some of the issues on which Cash House will educate people include “How to send money to friends and family anywhere in the world instantly”, advantages of cryptography over traditional money, how to store and spend cryptography, “How to protect assets against volatility with SLP Tokens, including the stable USDH currency ”, and crypto work, as well as opportunities for developers.

Although the launch was a challenging process, the crypto defenders involved complied. Aaron, host of the Humans of Bitcoin podcast, explains that “We at and did the easy part and obtained the sponsorship money. Roberto García did all the difficult things. It is your project. He toured the city to find a place, 2 months later and is working live. Roberto went to almost every mall; stores Rejections, delays, stipulations. ” The founder García points out in the comments:

“In Venezuela there is a lot of fear, but thanks to my experience and knowledge with the help of Matt we managed to overcome the problems.”

Advancing in Venezuela

Garcia, who also organizes a BCH meeting in Barquisimeto, understands the importance of a physical location and a human conversation to convey the power of cryptography. Citing the Los Angeles area center for “education and services needed to encourage the adoption of digital currencies,” Cryptospace, Matt Aaron writes in the Reddit publication:

    Having a physical location is POWERFUL. We, the crypto community, speak “without trust.” But the rest of the world has to earn that trust. Conversations with the person is powerful.

The Bitcoin Cash House project is currently an experiment, which operates on a three-month lease and sees where things go from there. Aaron points out that surrounding businesses will be encouraged to adopt BCH as well, and said: “In the same location there is a pizzeria, a bank and a liquor store. We will teach them to start accepting Bitcoin Cash too. ” Donations to Bitcoin Cash House can be made through, and a Spanish announcement of the launch can be found on the interested party’s website.

The economy of countries like Venezuela, which receive financial sanctions, citizens can evade them with the cryptocurrency ecosystem, bitcoin-blockchain technology, can offer its full potential to achieve some relief from the hardships the humble people go through and hardworking, time will tell where these efforts of the youth concerned and busy with the technology of cryptocurrencies go. It is expected by new announcements.


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