A small book that explains Bitcoin beyond its price and in Spanish

Under a particular premise of production, a group of bitcoiners recognized in the cryptocurrency ecosystem accomplished the feat of launching a book on bitcoin in 14 days. The work, titled in Spanish «The Little Book of Bitcoin: Why Bitcoin matters for your freedom, your finances and your future», seeks to explain this technology beyond its market value, according to Alejandro Machado, one of its co-authors.

The book was written by eight personalities, belonging to different areas in the cryptocurrency space, who after a four-day creative confinement, which they called book sprint, managed to agree on an approach and develop the complete content. In a detailed review of the production process, Luis Buenaventura, another co-author, commented that the goal of this kind of “writing marathon” was to produce a “non-technical” material, based on the socio-economic aspects that made Bitcoin so disruptive.

The review of the book on Amazon notes that “tells the story of what is currently wrong with money and why Bitcoin was invented to provide an alternative to the current system.” It also describes why it is valuable, its functioning and influence on people’s freedom and opportunities.

The launch of the original English language edition occurred at the end of August of this year. The group of authors managed to edit and print the copies, and begin their distribution in physical and digital format only ten days after writing it, without the help of a publishing house. Less than two months later, they released the Spanish-translated version for the Spanish-speaking world.

The Venezuelan Alejandro Machado, co-founder of the Open Money Initiative, a project that investigates the use of money in closed economies and collapsed monetary systems, told his experience as part of the team of authors that made The Little Bitcoin Book possible.

“Jimmy Song and Alex Gladstein had the idea. Both wanted a book to collect personal experiences on how Bitcoin had impacted lives in a positive and more interesting way than just price appreciation”, Alejandro Machado, co-author of The Little Bitcoin Book

Some media reported that, according to Jimmy Song, educator, developer and contributor to Bitcoin Core and other Bitcoin projects, the initiative emerged during the “Oslo Freedom Forum 2019” event. Song stated that some of those who made up the team agreed on the forum, where they discussed the possibility of undertaking the literary project. The challenge was to make it possible, despite the busy schedule of those involved.

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