Roger Ver states that the price of Bitcoin Cash can increase almost 100,000%

That’s right, 100,000%. This happened a few hours ago, and is even giving away Bitcoin Cash. If you want to know more details continue reading.

Roger Ver, the Bitcoin Cash promoter and former CEO of, said he would give $ 5 in BCH to all his friends on Facebook, to extend the use of this cryptocurrency. The truth is that Bitcoin Cash is currently the fourth currency with the highest market capitalization.

This proposal happened a few hours ago, and Ver’s argument is that he fervently believes that the value of Bitcoin Cash can increase by 100,000%. That is, consider that those US $ 5 you are giving away today can be worth US $ 5000 in the future.

Those who are not yet friends of See on Facebook, should not worry. This is because he mentioned that he would send those people the equivalent of one dollar in Bitcoin Cash. To do this, he only asked to leave his BCH address in the Facebook post.

Undoubtedly, this man, who has been in the crypto world since BTC cost less than a dollar, is attracting all the necessary attention to Bitcoin Cash with this strategy. Thus, the publication had more than 1700 comments and in all there is a wallet address.

This strategy was applied by Ver in 2011 when it did something similar, but to promote the use of Bitcoin (BTC). However, he has mentioned on some occasions that evidently what is now known as Bitcoin does not have the characteristics that so excited him at some point. Then, he reiterated that “Today the currency that originally excited me so much is called BCH.”

Analysis of your claims about Bitcoin Cash

The current price of BCH is US $ 291.57. If Ver’s estimates are true, the value of the currency would have to exceed US $ 291,570. Obviously, it did not give date or estimate for when we could expect this reality.

Specifically, if we were to refer to the growth rates of Bitcoin Cash in the last months and weeks we would see that the reality is different. What declares See, still seems to be a somewhat remote or very long-term scenario.

What happens is that after the sudden drop in the price of Bitcoin Cash 35% at the end of September, the price was trying to recover for about a month. The date on which it began to rise again was October 24, starting at US $ 209. For its part, the lowest price recorded in the last 30 days was US $ 203 and the highest price of US $ 304 that It was reached last week.


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