Costa Rica joins the alliance that drives blockchains projects in Latin America.

Costa Rica became the first Central American country to be included in the LACChain regional alliance, an initiative led by the innovation laboratory of the Inter-American Development Bank Group (BIDLab) that seeks to boost the development of blockchains technologies in Latin America and the Caribbean .

The integration of Costa Rica into the LACChain Global Alliance was announced on Twitter by the IDB representative in the Central American country, Fidel Jaramillo, during the first workshop of the blockchains ecosystem that last October 28 and 29 brought together the leading entities of the government, private sector, entrepreneurs and academic community of that country.

The objective is to promote the development of blockchain technology so that its benefits can reach the most underserved populations in the region.

In a publication in the official blog of LACChain it is also pointed out that among the goals of the regional program is the creation and maintenance of an infrastructure of free, interoperable and regulated blockchains networks, on which applications with high social impact will be developed. Likewise, the consolidation of consortiums with the participation of actors from the public, private and academia sectors is proposed, in order to promote the adoption of this technology.

The alliance, which was established in 2018, is made up of entities that develop blockchain technology worldwide. Among them are Alastria, Everis, ConsenSys, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Ethereum Foundation, Hyperledger, Linux Foundation or MIT-Media Lab, among others.

The publication raises several use cases for applications with social impact that can be developed on a blockchain. Among these cases are digital identity for poor and vulnerable populations, remittances and financial inclusion for people who are out of business or excluded from the financial system. It also includes, among other applications, the creation of professional skills registration platforms, with the idea of ​​improving employment opportunities for people in vulnerable conditions.

It is understood that the idea behind LACChain is that the member countries of this initiative create their own decentralized applications. In this way, the different governments will decide the utility they will give to the infrastructure, being able to accommodate the regulation of each country.

LACChain is a permissible public network, managed by the members of the alliance, which operates in a test network with Quorum software. It is currently possible to connect to start deploying applications. The information is available on github, as specified in the official publication.


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