New HTC model allows you to run full Bitcoin node on the phone

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Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC launched this weekend the most economical version of its Exodus 1s smartphone, which allows you to run a full node of the Bitcoin blockchain. This means that users can easily negotiate their cryptocurrencies without leaving their phone.

According to a report published on Saturday, October 19, on the Forbes portal, HTC launched this new “crypto phone” Exodus 1s, during a conference on the Lightning Network in Berlin. In detail, the device is presented with an added hardware wallet that allows users to store, exchange, send, receive, buy and sell bitcoins.

Also, Taiwanese electronics giant HTC highlighted that, unlike other smartphones compatible with blockchains, Exodus 1s can store all transactions in the Bitcoin blockchain (technically, every HTC Exodus 1s is a node). In this way, users can carry out transactions with BTC directly, without the need of a bank, a cryptocurrency exchange or other intermediary.

It was also known that the device is on sale for a price of USD 233, and users will have to buy a micro SD card of 400 GB, in order to store a copy of the Bitcoin blockchain.

The director of decentralization of HTC, Phil Chen, stressed that the idea of these phone models arose due to the interest of the company to build devices related to the architecture of Bitcoin and make this technology available to the largest number of people.

He reported that Exodus 1 and 1s phones support multiple cryptocurrency networks, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Binance coin. He explained that each of these assets has its own ledger, although the 1s model does not have the ability to execute a complete node for assets other than bitcoin at this time.

Chen stressed that full nodes for other crypto assets may be possible in the future, as computing power and storage availability continue to increase, becoming less expensive and more accessible. However, he noted that Bitcoin is HTC’s main focus in this current mobile effort of full nodes.

“We will learn a lot, how people will execute this on mobile devices. This is the first time that people will be able to run a full bitcoin node on mobile devices. It would work daily. We will certainly learn a lot about how people will interact with bitcoin, what they will do with a full node and we want to apply that learning to other future public block chains”, said Phil Chen, director of Decentralization at HTC

Chen had already announced last May that HTC was working on an economical version of Exodus. On that occasion, he stressed that the model would be aimed at users of emerging economies and those who enter the crypto world, who would have easier access to Bitcoin technology, with an affordable price.

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