A woman in the United Kingdom faces death threats after reporting the alleged OneCoin scam

A British victim of the alleged OneCoin cryptocurrency pyramid scheme says she received death threats for reporting the project.

As the BBC reported on Tuesday, Glasgow resident Jen McAdams personally invested about £ 8,000 ($ 10,160) and encouraged her family and friends to invest another £ 220,000 ($ 280,000), all of which has disappeared. Since speaking in a BBC podcast on the subject, McAdams says he has received sexual and violent threats from OneCoin supporters.

“It’s horrible, the abuse is vile and the threats seem very real to me, now I’m always looking over my shoulder,” Adams told the BBC. “It is affecting my health, but I will not give up until I and the thousands of other OneCoin victims like me see some form of justice.”

Based in Bulgaria, it was said that the plan had raised billions of dollars before the US authorities accused the founder of OneCoin, Dr. Ruja Ignatova, of electronic fraud, securities fraud and money laundering. She has disappeared since then. OneCoin denies the charges that it is a pyramid scheme and continues to be marketed in some exchanges.

The BBC says that some 70,000 citizens of the United Kingdom bought £ 96 million ($ 122 million) at OneCoin and have not yet received a refund, as promised.

“They invested their lifelong savings, reinstalled the business in their homes and convinced their friends and family to get involved, and they feel as bad as I do for all this and because we were all deceived,” Adams continued, and He added that most of the threats have come from Facebook.

In addition, he asked the police and financial regulators to take action on the OneCoin project

A global operation, people associated with OneCoin have been arrested in China and India to date. He has also received criticism in remote regions such as Samoa, where the Central Bank recently warned its citizens to consider the scheme, as a real scam.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem has served for some criminals to take advantage of unsuspecting investors, who want to make money without any effort, it should always be stressed that when a business is presented as a great return on investment there may be chances that it is A possible robbery. It is expected by new announcements.

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