Venezuela has its second mobile cryptocurrency ATM.

The options for the purchase, sale and use of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela continue to increase. On this occasion, with the activation of the second mobile cashier (BTM) to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies of the Colombian company Panda Group in the state of Mérida, in the Andean region of Venezuela.

We contacted the Panda Group team, who confirmed the activation of their second BTM in the city of Merida. This device is working in Bodca Bodegón, a commercial premises located in the capital of the Andean entity, Mérida, specifically in Av. Los Próceres, Alto Prado Shopping Center, local L3B, PB Level.

Typson Sánchez, CTO of the company in charge of the device, reported that since they activated their first cryptocurrency point of sale, at the beginning of August, the demand and curiosity of the merideños has been very high. Therefore, they decided to convert that point into a BTM, which allows the sale of cryptocurrencies.

The new device also allows the sale of cryptocurrencies, in addition to making payments with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), dash (DASH) and stable DAI for the products of the still life, where the BTM is operating.

In addition to the two BTMs in Mérida, Sánchez confirmed that among his expansion plans is the activation of another device. For that new team they are in talks with a local in the city of Caracas, Venezuelan capital, said the CTO of Panda.

The company’s payment processor, Xpay, has also been gaining ground among Venezuelan businesses. First, the Farmarket pharmacy chain adopted the XPay gateway to receive payments with cryptocurrencies. Then, the company announced that it has exceeded a hundred stores that use its service, between Venezuela and Colombia.

Cryptocurrency popularity grows in Venezuela
With the Venezuelan economic situation, hyperinflation and the constant loss of value of the bolivar, the local currency, Venezuelans have been showing increasing attention to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Not only is Venezuela among the countries with the largest bitcoin trade on the LocalBictoins peer platform, but payment options, in addition to buying and selling, have increased in recent months.

Since the beginning of October of this year, Venezuelans have an ATM (BATM) for the purchase of bitcoin and dash. The machine is located in one of the offices in Caracas de Traki, one of the main department stores in the country, which also accepts payments with cryptocurrencies. To do this, Traki uses the payment gateway of the Asian company Pundi X.

Pundi X has shown its intention to enter the Latin American market with Venezuela as its gateway. In this regard, company executives have recognized that there is competition in terms of cryptocurrency outlets in the country.


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