Andreas Antonopoulos: «Google’s quantum technology poses no risk to cryptocurrencies»

The Bitcoin evangelist indicated that most of the fears present in the community are not well founded, since this technology is not applied to break cryptography or threaten the functioning of Blockchain networks.

Andreas Antonopoulos, the renowned speaker and evangelist Bitcoin, said during a question and answer session through his YouTube channel that the advances in quantum computing reported by Google did not represent any risk to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

In the video published through his channel, Antonopoulos makes some clarifications in relation to the quantum computing developed by Google, specifying that these resources are applied to optimize systems that has to do with addressing other types of problems.

In this regard, Antonopoulos commented: “Quantum supremacy, what Google described, is demonstrating the practical applicability of quantum computers to certain kinds of problems.”

In this order of ideas, he indicated that the concerns seen in the digital currency ecosystem were poorly grounded, because at the moment there are no applications specially designed to use this technology to violate the underlying technology of digital currencies.

Technical details

To better understand the idea, Antonopoulos explained that the quantum supremacy referred to by Google has to do with the ability of their computers to process hundreds of qubits (quantum bits) instantly, with an almost zero margin of error.

He also indicated that applying this technology to address certain problems presently involves changes in more traditional systems, where this technology proved to be much more profitable. The renowned speaker clarified that this would not come by itself, since as quantum computing evolves, other systems would begin to adopt changes to integrate their benefits and evolve favorably.

In this way, Antonopoulos clarified that not all systems should be updated to protect against quantum attacks, since this will depend exclusively on the use cases in which it applies.

Quantum computing and cryptocurrencies

Addressing in more detail the concerns present in the digital currency ecosystem, Antonopoulos commented:

“What is the effect on mining and the world of cryptocurrencies in general? Zip, bupkis, nothing, nothing really happens. ”

In this regard, he said that the fears were unfounded, since nobody has talked about quantum computing applied at the Hash level, an aspect that is especially important for mining digital currencies, since it is the processing power to process the transactions that They take place on the net.

In relation to cryptography and the privacy of operations, Antonopoulos stressed that the fears are similar to those seen by the ecosystem in general at the beginning, detracting that current technology does not have a degree of sophistication that can not provide some protection to networks, for example talking about consensus algorithms and operations signatures.

Finally, Antonopoulos said that among the plans established for the future of Bitcoin is the search for mechanisms to avoid quantum vulnerabilities, which is exposed in the road map of the digital currency as a necessary step towards the future of the ecosystem


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