Bitcoin Tour, an educational event around the 23 provinces of Argentina

The consolidation of spaces for education has become one of the objectives of the Bitcoin ecosystem, work carried out by the NGO Bitcoin Argentina. This southern institution, founded in 2013, has held in its facilities meetups, conferences and specialized courses in blockchain.

In search of generating spaces where you can talk about Bitcoin, the foundation created the Bitcoin Tour. An event that has the goal of being held in the 23 provinces of Argentina, holding talks about Bitcoin in companies and universities in the region. Technical aspects, adoption of payment systems and tax information are some of the basic themes of the initiative.

In the week of September 12 and 13, an edition of the Bitcoin Tour was held in the provinces of Chaco and Corrientes. The National Technological University (UTN), the University of the Silver Basin, the Corrientes Polo (IT) and the Entrepreneurs Club were some of the institutions that participated in this event. Likewise, companies and coworking venues provided their facilities for workshops and talks on blockchain technologies.

Source: Criptonoticias

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