Telefónica Open Future announces startups that develop blockchains technologies

Telefónica Open Future, the open innovation platform of the Spanish operator that connects technology entrepreneurs, is in search of startups that want to promote technology development projects based on blockchains, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence or videogames, among others.

The call available on its website invites emerging companies to submit their candidacy through technological proposals that allow them to access the second edition of their program.

Seven of the nineteen Telefónica Open Future centers in Spain wait until October 31 for the proposals, including solutions with blockchains technologies, which respond to the legal basis of the contest.

In the Gran Vía Open Future center in Madrid, for example, they are looking for startups that can demonstrate a significant evolution in their business over a period of 6 months.

“We are interested in projects that are innovating and want to revolutionize traditional industries through new technologies and the latest trends (VR, AI, ML, Big Data, blockchain, computer vision, biotechnology, gaming, etc.). We will prioritize those with an” MVP ” , full-time founding partners and complementary profiles. We are looking for young people passionate about technology, results-oriented. “ according to the Call of the Via Open Future Center in Madrid.

The selected startups will be promoted and supported with free advice. They will also be linked to the wide global network of Open Future and Telefónica contacts. However, each center offers specific benefits, depending on the area of ​​development of the technological project.

The company reported that in the first edition of the year more than 200 startups from Colombia, Portugal, Venezuela, Argentina, Italy and Spain submitted their candidacy to access the program.

Telefónica Open Future, as part of the Open Innovation area, is a global network formed by more than 50 innovation spaces with a presence in nine countries. The platform offers business opportunities, connecting entrepreneurs, institutions and companies.

This is not the first time that the telecommunications company is interested in supporting the growth of startups that work on solutions related to block chains, because in 2018 it opened a call for disruptive startups in Spain in multiple sectors, including technologies blockchains

In November 2017, the Spanish multinational organized the first Hackathon Blockchain to promote the undertaking of projects related to blockchains.

Source: Criptomonedas

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