Interview with the CEO of EOS Venezuela: “Many companies and projects in the blockchain industry look to Venezuela as a place to search for users and test products / proof of concept”

EOS Venezuela is one of the Block Producers (BP) within the EOS Blockchain network for the production and verification of blocks. Cointelegraph in Spanish interviewed Alberto Guerrero, CEO of EOS Venezuela to tell us more about his vision of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela and to tell us how that hard journey has been to be part of the select group of EOS Block Producers.

Ezio Rojas (ER): How do you evaluate the development of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela?

Alberto Guerrero (AG): In Venezuela blockchain and cryptocurrencies, more than a financial alternative, are solutions to many of the challenges that the country currently presents. The adoption of cryptocurrencies has been consistent with the needs we have had, first as an instrument of financial freedom and now as opportunities for investment, professional growth and entrepreneurship. Like any process of learning and adoption there are still many confusions and false prophets, but little by little more and more are the connoisseurs and the good ideas that come to the scene.

(ER): How is the Venezuelan market perceived in the world of cryptocurrencies? Is there any interest?

(AG): The case of Venezuela is of great interest in the crypto world. Starting because the country presents many of the conditions that make a cryptocurrency and blockchain technology relevant. When Bitcoin was born, its usefulness was discussed in cases of hyperinflation, failed economic policies and financial overcontrol, which is why many today see in Venezuela the perfect laboratory for the use of these technologies as solutions. The particularity of our context and the rapid adoption of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela, at least in terms of market volumes that we manage, many companies and projects in the blockchain industry look to the country as a place to search for users and test products /Proof of concept.

There are several cases of Decentralized Applications where there are a large number of Venezuelan users, people who have discovered new ways to earn money and participate in a totally virtual economy by living in online communities and participating in these dapps. The level of use and the rapid conformation of Venezuelan communities in the different platforms has made them a relevant community in the blockchain world. The truth is that the more users we have in the country who are eager to participate and adopt these applications and tools, the greater interest of companies and projects in offering services for us, since everyone is looking for users, they need people and we tools, it is Just connect both points and we will have great opportunities.

ER): What do you think EOS can bring to the Venezuelan economy?

(AG): The blockchain is basically a new data architecture that resizes the possibilities of the internet, and the EOSIO protocol is free software to create scalable block chains, with no cost of transactions and virtually snapshots, these characteristics that the mainnet of EOS and all the chains of its ecosystem make it the current tool with the greatest power to develop a new internet and its capabilities.

When we thought of all the tools and applications that blockchain technology could have so far, they had great technical limitations to be able to come true, that is how EOS has become the playing field and development of this industry, which in just one year It has become the chain with the largest number of transactions and the largest traffic on the market. The benefit that Venezuelans and anyone in developing countries can see in EOS is the capacity for creation that exists, and all the doors that their Dapps (Decentralized Applications) can offer to our context. That is to say, EOS is building new applications that can change how we use the internet and do business online.

(ER): How was the process to become Block Producers?

(AG): Something like a political campaign within a hackathon with candidates from all over the planet. It has been a process of constant evolution and learning, the most important thing has been to create a relevant action plan that justifies our role as Block Producer beyond the technical capacity of maintaining nodes, is to present to the world a vision of what can be done. To do with this technology and with these resources, this is how the whole macro project that today we call Venezuela Blockchain was born.

(ER): How have you managed to get international support to become Block Producers?

(AG): Our premise has always been to demonstrate that blockchain and crypto in Venezuela can become something much bigger than financial speculation and internet geeks. We have worked hard to show the world that we have a great market to discover, that in Venezuela you have thousands of users waiting to use the tools that are being created and give life to these online platforms that are only looking for users who need them. Our mission of social meaning has also been of great importance. We have identified ourselves as the social side of the blockchain and we are among the first to use the benefits of these tools in creating a positive social impact in the country and Latin America.

(ER): Can your quality as Block Producers bring any benefit to the Venezuelan economy?

(AG): The impact of our work is somewhat difficult to measure, as an organization we have managed to create dozens of jobs in the country, in addition to our social impact program today has reached hundreds of people across the territory, and now we are focused on educating people online and in person with our Venezuela Blockchain Congress, so the macro impact can be difficult to see, what if we are willing is to be the promoters of a mass adoption that leads to great positive changes to Venezuelan economy

(ER): Does EOS have plans to develop solutions in Venezuela or Latin America?

(AG): This question starts from a confusion so I better explain first, EOS is not a company / organization, it is software to create blockchains, and the main blockchain of EOS does not have an owner, literally it is EOS owner whoever It owns its token stake, and is “managed” or technically managed by the Block Producers that are elected by the stakeholders. Block One is the creator of EOSIO software, but they are only software developers, they do not function as owners.

However, something interesting that those of Block One are about to take out and that is super relevant for Venezuela and Latin America is the new social network on the EOS blockchain, which is called


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