Bitcoin is a truth machine, says co-founder of Gold Bullion International

Gold Bullion International co-founder Dan Tapiero analyzed the value of Bitcoin (BTC) as a truth machine.

Tapero made his greetings during an interview with the AlphaWeek business news agency published on September 10. He said: “What is Bitcoin is an invention, and I think it should be referred to as an invention and not as all other things. It is one, you know, what it really is […] It is a truth machine. It is a way to eradicate all fraud or lies of human beings. ”

Bitcoin is a reward for network maintenance

He also noted that the system is already ten years old and has a good track record, all of which contributes to its willingness to ask “what is a security platform like that, with that record”. In the end, he concluded:

“Bitcoin, in reality, is only the reward that miners receive for guaranteeing the security of the network framework, that is what it is. “

BTC is worth hundreds of billions of dollars

Tapero also asked how much it would cost a company to develop such a system. He said he believes it would cost hundreds of billions of dollars, in relation to the number of hours of work devoted to the development and maintenance of Bitcoin and its ecosystem. He also added:

“Could a company develop that? You know, maybe Satoshi realized that it can only develop slowly over time in a decentralized way. ”

As Cointelegraph reported today, the CEO of Blockstream said that Bitcoin is returning to its historic market dominance of over 90% at the expense of altcoins.

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