Stellar will distribute 2 billion lumens among Keybase users

The Stellar team announced on September 9 its partnership with the Keybase platform, an alliance that will boost the distribution of 2 billion lumens. The organizers stressed that the event will last 20 months and plans to benefit more than 300 thousand users.

With this news, the Stellar project starts an airdrop, a process through which a blockchain ecosystem startup distributes its cryptocurrencies among interested users. According to the plans of the event, on the 15th of each month, the company will distribute about 100 million XLM. An amount that represents, by the time this article is made, more than 6 million US dollars.

Cryptocurrencies will be deposited equally among users who are affiliated with the Keybase online key directory. It is estimated that participants will receive up to USD 20 per month for being part of the airdrop. So far, about 15,368 accounts have been registered, data on the website indicates. However, users must meet certain requirements, such as having a Keybase, GitHub or HackerNews account before this announcement.

The organizers point out that this is the largest cryptocurrency distribution event held by Stellar. This information can be confirmed by comparing it with the previous airdrop, which distributed about USD 125 million among users of the Blockchain wallet.

Although the distribution of free lumens is striking for many, the partnership between the Stellar blockchain and the Keybase service goes beyond an airdrop. Four months ago Keybase enabled the Stellar wallet functions for all its customers, allowing transfer without using alphanumeric addresses.

Users can also send lumens to each other using only the platform chat, Stellar’s team said. Or, they can also make cryptocurrency transfers to phone numbers, without the need for the sender to have an address.

In addition to these services, Keybase also has the ability to generate robots to communicate information or make reminders. A tool that has been used to create the @smsbot robot, which allows text messages to be sent for a period of time making XLM micropayments.

Source: Criptonoticias

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