Atlético de Madrid also points to the goal with a token for its fans.

On September 6, the association between Atlético de Madrid and the entertainment platform on the blockchain was announced. With this, the sports club becomes one of the first of LaLiga Santander to be willing to offer its fans a token.

In the press release issued by Atlético de Madrid and, the tokens will be named Fan Token Atlético de Madrid and will help fans participate in surveys and be rewarded for their participation in the platform with prizes such as tickets to matches or shirts and balls signed by team players. is an Android or iOS mobile platform that has not yet been released and is legally established in Malta. According to information on its website, it is based on a system of collective decision-making power and its campaign claims to “turn users into much more than fans.”

Through surveys (mandatory or non-mandatory) that clubs carry out periodically, fans can, say their creators, influence decisions about the club, such as the design of a clothing kit, which players will be presented at an event , who will win some category as the best player or where the locations for friendly matches will be.

To access the Athletic Fan Token of Madrid, which will allegedly be worth two euros, users must purchase tokens from the platform, called Chiliz (CHZ), an ERC20 token written on the Ethereum blockchain, which at its It also serves as a way to maintain the integrity of the vote, turning voting rights into Fan Tokens.

The design of these Fan Tokens will be that of BEP-2 tokens, written on a permissible side chain (in this case, Binance Chain), as was established in his blog last year. The price of this token is located at USD 0.009454 at the time of writing, with a loss of 0.95% of its value in the last hours.

Although this is the first LaLiga club that announces the creation of its own token on this platform, a few weeks ago The League reached an agreement with the Global Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX) to promote its expansion strategy in Asia, by creating a token that promotes football tourism.

Atletico Madrid joins Juventus of Turin, West Ham United of England, Rome and Paris Saint-Germain among the teams that have expressed the desire to join the platform so fans have a degree of Participation in team decisions.

The Real Madrid team also signed an agreement with another company to distribute their tokens in April this year.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it also seems to be in the field of cryptocurrencies. Thus, there are many teams that have announced their wishes to make Initial Currency Offers, or players who have signed agreements with platforms that work with distributed accounting technology to create their own tokens.


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