Twitter CEO says he has no plans to create a cryptocurrency

Co-founder and CEO of Twitter and the Square payment platform, Jack Dorsey, said he has no plans to create a cryptocurrency for either company, and said he prefers to use “open and existing standards” as bitcoin.

Dorsey gave these statements on September 5 when he was interviewed by local media The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian Financial Review and The Age. The interviews were conducted within the framework of a visit that the executive makes to that country, in order to promote the new devices of his digital payment company Square.

In that sense, by denying the possibility of creating a native token for Twitter or Square, he showed that his plans are going in a different direction to Facebook, which is moving forward with the Libra cryptocurrency project. “I think that open Internet standards serve each person better than those controlled or initiated by companies,” he said.

Consequently, the plans of the entrepreneur with the cryptocurrencies seem to be directed mainly to the development of other types of services and products. Think, therefore, that crypto assets will better serve your business to run on the Internet.

“In the long term, cryptocurrencies will help us to be more and more like an Internet company where we can launch a product and everyone can use it, instead of having to go from one market to another, from one bank to another, and from regulatory body to another. “ added Jack Dorsey

Source: Criptonoticias

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