Moscow will be the scene of the Blockchain Life Forum that will host 6,000 attendees

It will be the fourth edition of this event on blockchains technologies, which will present its annual prize. Attendees will get access to talks about mining, cryptocurrencies and more.

Moscow, capital of Russia, will host the 2019 Blockchain Life Forum, an event that expects to host some 6,000 cryptocurrency enthusiasts and their technological ecosystem in October this year.

The event arrives at its fourth edition and will be held on October 16 and 17 of this year. Representatives of companies will attend the Blockchain Life Forum 2019, such as the Binance Asian exchange house; the representatives of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community,; members of the Bitmain mining equipment manufacturing company; and also from the Kaspersky research team.

Among the panelists of the event are Roger Ver, promoter of Bitcoin Cash (BCH); Changelly CEO Eric Benz; Bitmain’s business representative, Yulia Fetisova; the co-founder and vice president of KuCoin, Johnny Lyu, among others.

The event will focus on four fundamental themes: the use of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, ecosystem ventures and cryptocurrency mining. The 2019 Blockchain Life Forum will receive attendees from 70 countries around the world, to discuss the latest trends and ways to generate income by investing in the cryptocurrency market.

The event will host cryptocurrency traders, risk and investment funds, companies focused on the technology market, investors, entrepreneurs, startups that will implement blockchains in their projects, miners and developers.

A part of the Blockchain Life Forum program will be dedicated to blockchains technologies and their implementation in the operation of existing businesses and projects. Speakers in this section of the event include Deepali Saraswat, an Oracle representative and Andrey Ivanov, a representative of QIWI Blockchain Technologies, as well as a significant number of other industry leaders.

Attendees will know cryptocurrency forecasts, trade and exchange strategies, speculations about the future of Bitcoin, conversations about the new era of mining, regulation of cryptocurrencies around the world, among other topics.

In addition, during the event, the independent annual Blockchain Life Awards 2019 will be awarded, focused on the field of the development of blockchains, cryptocurrencies and startups. The event is sponsored by the cryptocurrency exchange

If you want to know more information about the event you can enter: and visit the social networks of the Blockchain Life Forum


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