Millionaire tips to convert $ 100 to $ 1 million

Becoming a millionaire starting from the bottom is not impossible; It is only very difficult. So much so that most of those who dream of it entrust the task to systems, such as the pool or the lottery, whose probability of success is quite small.

Now, good financial habits help people spend what is strictly necessary, save and achieve their financial goals more quickly. Having control over money means making it work for oneself. In that sense, it is worth taking into account some habits that help.

In this article we will show you how some millionaires converted $ 100 into $ 1 million.

1. Invest in what you know

For Bethenny Frankel, founder of Skinnygirl, member of the cast of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” the best-selling author of the New York Times and guest judge on “Shark Tank” argues that investing in something you really love could be a key fundamentally, she expresses that you must invest in a business in an intelligent and polite way, suggests in fact finding a solid group of people you trust and combining your $ 100 with theirs to make a risky but intelligent investment. The key? Really invest in what you know how to do.

2. Be patient while saving

For his part, Gary Vaynerchuk, founder and CEO of VaynerX, the best-selling New York Times author of “Crushing It” recommends buying and selling garage items, it is clear that this will not make him a holder of $ 1 million but a few hundred , that with a good head and patience can become millions.

You can scale and invest your profits from any venture you decide to impart. This is how real wealth is built. If you are persistent and good at what you do, you will get there.

3. Invest in you

For Grant Cardone, a sales expert who built a $ 750 million real estate empire and the best-selling New York Times author investing in himself will never be a loss, on the contrary, he says a more reliable way to get rich with just $ 100 is to invest in a course, book, audio program or event that will help you improve and eventually put into practice all the knowledge acquired.

4. Build a personal brand

For Torben Platzer, founder and CEO of the personal brand agency TPA Media GmbH, founder of the SELFMADE business education program and presenter of the German “SELFMADE” podcast, creating a personal brand is a great alternative, he believes that with this you can earn millions, Building your own brand as an influencer or business. However, it highlights that anyone can have a voice, thanks to social networks, so it is not easy to be heard above the noise.

Now, with so many brands driving offers online, building a trusted one is the secret to success. To do that, you need a clear statement that defines your mission and how it helps others.

5. Hand in hand with coaching

Rudy Mawer, founder and CEO of ROI Machines and, Facebook marketing and advertising expert, who created a multi-million dollar business at age 26 expresses that he built two seven-figure businesses out of nowhere and helped others achieve success Similary. While I had more than $ 100 to start, it wasn’t much else.

He considers this model to be popular for many reasons: it is fast, effective and requires minimal investment because the only cost is its time. When you have made money with your business, invest the profits in Facebook ads to get more customers.

If you are good at what you do, you can increase that investment to tens of thousands of dollars.

Some people prefer not to tell their big goals or dreams for fear of not meeting them and fail publicly. But according to research from the Dominican University of California, people who write their goals and tell a friend about giving weekly updates are 33% more likely to meet them. Therefore, establishing an economic goal and telling it can add up to fulfilling the purpose.

Being responsible in personal finances depends on the time spent on this purpose and will also lead to being ready to accept when you have a bad day, financially speaking. Inculcating good practices can take time, but accepting mistakes and trying to avoid them is just giving yourself the opportunity to do things better tomorrow.

In view of the above, at present, there are many companies that have included Bitcoin as a new payment method, without going any further, the multinational Microsoft is one of the best known companies that offer this service. Being able to deal with payments without paying commissions to third parties is one of the biggest advantages that Bitcoin presents and therefore, both clients and companies use these cryptocurrencies to exchange goods and services.

In addition, another very important aspect that we have to highlight about Bitcoin, is that all transactions made through it are done very quickly, it is usual that it takes approximately 10 minutes and the best thing is that you can do anywhere in the world, so we will not have to wait hours or days as it happens if we make these transfers through banks.

They are much more flexible operations that provide great liquidity and also much safer, therefore, Bitcoin is one of the virtual currencies that has caused the greatest impact on the world economy and is changing the way of working on the financial system.

Many people bought 100 bitcoins in 2010 when it was barely worth a few dollars. Today its price is above $ 9,000, so you will get an idea of ​​the fortunes that have been created. Nothing assures us that in the future Bitcoin will be able to rise as incredibly as it has done so far, but the possibility is. Therefore, it is that cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, are a great investment alternative


Disclaimer: This press release is for informational purposes information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of infocoin, and should not be attributed to, Infocoin.

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