Casa launches the node monitoring service to improve the state of the bitcoin network

Casa, a crypto company that provides a private key management service and a Bitcoin node machine, has introduced a node monitor and the accompanying rewards program to promote the health of the Bitcoin network.

Casa announced the new projects in an official blog post on August 21. According to the announcement, the node monitor, called Node Heartbeats, is based on establishing a brief connection between the Casa server and an online node, synchronized and activated by Tor owned by a client. The rewards program allows users of Casa nodes to earn 10,000 SatsBack per week in exchange for 5 Node Heartbeat checks per week, on different days.

SatsBack can be exchanged for Bitcoin (BTC) once a day in the Home Keymaster application, as long as the user has accumulated a minimum of 50,000 SatsBack points. According to the report, Casa believes it is difficult for users to keep up to date on the uptime and security of their nodes. By providing an incentive program to increase the health of the nodes, the company hopes to improve the overall health of the Bitcoin network.

Charlie Lee is a Casa investor

Litecoin (LTC) founder Charlie Lee announced just three days ago that he has invested in Casa. Lee praised Casa for driving the adoption of BTC, commenting:

“I have the same feeling about Casa today as I had about Coinbase when I joined in 2013 as the third person hired. Home is making Bitcoin easy to use and that is very important for this space. I’m waiting for great things! ”

Lightning Labs launches a node monitor

As Cointelegraph already reported, Lightning Labs, the developer of the Lightning Network high-speed transaction protocol, recently released an alpha version of a node monitor. The new tool, called Indmon, supposedly allows node operators to monitor the use of nodes in real time. This year’s network problems, reportedly, motivated developers to create a tool to prevent network and node problems preventively.


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