Rakuten Crypto Exchange was launched to trade in 3 Cryptos

Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten has launched its own exchange for crypto spot trading.

Announced on Monday, Rakuten Wallet launched for the trade of bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH) and bitcoin cash (BCH) against the Japanese yen through an Android mobile application. An iOS application will be launched in the future, although a date was not provided to carry out this project.

The firm said that the funds of the clients held by the subsidiary will be managed separately from theirs, under the supervision of their fiduciary company, Rakuten Trust, and through savings accounts at Rakuten Bank.

Rakuten further emphasizes that crypto deposited by users will be kept in cold storage or offline, to minimize the risk of piracy. For added security, private keys are managed through a multiple signature scheme and two-step authentication is required when logging in and making withdrawals.

No fees will be charged for operations or deposits, which are made in real time, 365 days a year (excluding when maintenance is being performed), says the firm.

However, for fiduciary withdrawals, Rakuten Wallet will charge JYN 300 (about $ 2.80), and for crypto withdrawals he will charge at (apparently arbitrary) rates of: bitcoin at 0.001 BTC ($ 10.70), ether at 0.01 ETH ($ 2) and Bitcoin Cash at 0.01 BCH ($ 3.20), this information was obtained at the time of writing.

The gratuity in terms of the rates in the purchase and sale of crypto should attract users who make frequent exchanges.

Rakuten first revealed his intention to found the Exchange in March, saying that he had been granted a license in Japan for his renowned entity, an exchange platform called Everybody’s Bitcoin acquired for $ 2.4 million last August. In May, it partnered with blockchain analysis firm CipherTrace to help ensure regulatory compliance for the exchange.

This is good news, for the trade and exchange of cryptocurrencies, it is perceived that the large institutions of electronic commerce have confidence in this revolutionary system of exchanging value among interested users, it is possible that other large companies follow this example. Blockchain-bitcoin technology can help generate wealth for those interested. It is expected by new announcements.

Reference: coindesk.com

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