About 50 assaults and personal extortion are recorded since the creation of Bitcoin

Despite its robustness of hash rate and its unique features such as money in the digital era, bitcoin users (BTC) remain vulnerable to theft, specifically through attacks that have threatened someone’s personal integrity. We speak of an attack vector that cannot be mitigated through the protocol and depends entirely on the security measures taken by each person.

Bitcoin developer, and CTO of CasaHODL, Jameson Lopp, published a list of “physical attacks,” as he calls them, known so far. This is a list that includes events of this type since December 2014, when cypherpunk and cryptographer Hal Finney was visited by a SWAT team at his residence in Santa Barbara, after almost a year of extortion. This list does not exclude the occurrence of other cases that were not media or reported in any way.

The person who had been harassing the Finney demanded payment of 1,000 bitcoins, worth more than USD 400,000 at that time. As explained by his wife, Fran Finney, they probably have not been the only extorted.

From there, the incidents have increased significantly, along with the growth of Bitcoin and the exposure of its technology to more users. In addition, owners of other cryptocurrencies have also suffered attacks and Lopp also added them to their list. In total, the developer gathered 50 events of this type.

Lopp himself is part of his list, for having suffered such an attack at his residence in Durham, North Carolina in 2017. “I am not intimidated by this. This is really, from my perspective, evidence that people who want to do this don’t have the guts to tell me anything in the face. They don’t have the guts to come here and tell me what their problem is with me”, Lopp said then.

The most recent attack happened this year, last July 26 in Wels, Austria. A subject in his 30s (who was not identified by security) was intercepted by several men in his office. The attackers forced the victim to hand over their money in cash and, in addition, an undefined amount of cryptocurrencies. The theft was successful. They left the victim handcuffed and left the place.

Bitcoin has already been running for more than 10 years and, despite its growth and the continuous improvement of its technology, users have a significant share of responsibility when it comes to managing the information they publish about the bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies they own. Ultimately, each user is responsible for their own personal safety and the protocols they follow to keep their funds safe.

Source: Criptonoticias

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