MetaMask Wallet is now available in its trial version for iOS and Android

The MetaMask wallet developer team announced the launch of its new mobile application for Android and iOS phones this July 22. The platform is available in its beta version for the public.

The new MetaMask wallet will allow users to receive, send and manage ETH keys, ERC-20 tokens and even crypto-collectibles (ERC721 tokens). The mobile application will also incorporate a browser to interact with decentralized applications (Dapps) and an option to process instant payments without additional fees.

The team said the MetaMask wallet for iOS and Android was developed in a year, confirming its launch at the DevCon 4 conference. However, they point out that the application is still being tested. A period that will remain for two months, until the release of the final version by the end of the year.

Users of this wallet can handle multiple tokens in Ethereum, including collectibles such as CryptoKitties. The application can also be synchronized with the desktop wallet, allowing all transaction and account history to be retrieved through a QR code.

MetaMask also has specialized options for more novice users, such as a simple design to understand and an assistant that will guide the client through the application. You will also have tutorials on how to create a wallet, process transactions or interact with other applications.

Among its newest options, Instapay stands out, a mechanism that will allow you to process instant payments without paying gas. The function is experimental at the moment, but users should only cancel a commission for depositing or withdrawing cryptocurrencies, but not to transfer them.

The MetaMask mobile wallet app for Android and iOS will not only work as a wallet. The platform will also be connected to a decentralized search engine that will allow users to use their favorite Ethereum decentralized applications. The App will be compatible with the Ethereum blockchain and the Ropsten, Rinkeby, Kovan and Goerli networks.

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