Betting starts in bitcoin for the presidential elections in Argentina.

The game of chance that was born in order to entertain and pass the time winking at the fortune goddess, challenging luck, is generating a stir in social networks in Argentina, since a platform opened bets in bitcoin (BTC) by the candidates for the presidential elections.

Anonymous users of the portal bet on this cryptocurrency by the candidates for the presidency of Argentina: Roberto Lavagna, Alberto Fernandez, Jose Luis Espert, Alejandro Biondini, Mauricio Macri, Jose Gomez, Nicolas del Cano, Raul Humberto Albarracin, Manuela Castañeira and José Romero Feris.

Bets will remain open until August 11, the date on which the Simultaneous and Mandatory Open Primary (PASO) have been announced.

Anyone can participate with a bitcoin account. This implies that users, registered anonymously, can deposit their bets for the result that, they predict, will become a reality.

The curious initiative relaunched on July 11, has caused a stir in the Facebook group Bitcoin Argentina, where users have left positive and negative comments, some in rejection of the idea that links the bitcoin with issues related to politics and presidential elections .

“In the bitcoin community of Argentina great debate has been generated by the proposal made by Betvote, because it touches a sensitive issue such as politics,” he told CriptoNoticias, one of the operators of the betting platform.

To participate, the investment is formulated under a system of all against all and not against the house, as it usually happens in the traditional scheme of casinos or sports betting sites.

“That is why the coefficients that the candidates accumulate are usually dynamic,” added the Betvote operator.

In three days he accumulated a $ 240 well. At the time of writing this note Macri had the highest average bet, with 0.01652026 BTC. Fernandez followed with 0.00547321 BTC.

The site was relaunched just one month after the primary elections took place, since in 2015 it had its first edition when it predicted the result, since Macri concentrated most of the bets with almost 1 BTC.

At the deadline the bets are closed and a waiting period begins until the day of issuing the outcome, when the final and correct result is dictated.

Then the accumulated funds are distributed among all winners who, not only recover their investment, but also receive an additional percentage, proportional to their amounts bet.

The website ensures that the initiative has experimental purposes and two main objectives: the first is to try to analyze the market for electoral predictions and, the second, to promote anarcho-capitalist values.

But the Argentine elections have not been the only ones that have aroused the interest of bitcoiners to bet, because in the presidential elections of 2016, when Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced each other, Americans could bet on cryptocurrencies for their favorite candidates on various platforms who made the call.

The presidential elections in Mexico in 2018 were also a good excuse for users to invest their cryptocurrencies in bets in favor of their favorite candidate, between José Antonio Meade, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Ricardo Anaya, Margarita Zavala and Jaime Rodríguez Calderón.


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