Crypto Terminals offers Venezuelans a bridge to economic prosperity

Arley Lozano, founder of the new Panda Group company, based on the cryptocurrency, recently explained how his firm is extending the adoption of the cryptocurrency in Colombia and Venezuela. Panda Group has implemented 10 Hybrid Cryptocurrency Point of Sale (PdS) ​​terminals that also act as ATMs. Four of the machines are located near the border with Venezuela, which gives the country’s refugees and Colombian citizens access to cryptocurrencies such as BCH, DAI and BTC.

Spreading the adoption of crypto in Colombia and Venezuela

In January, reported that Panda Group installed a hybrid PoS terminal that also functions as an ATM with a digital currency dispenser. At the time the machine was dubbed “Exeler”, but since then the product has been renamed Pandabtm. The founder of Panda Group, Arley Lozano, said that his team has installed 10 Pandabtms in Colombia so far and that four machines are located on the border of Venezuela in the city of Cúcuta. The machines can be located in and the devices installed near the border are destined to help the Venezuelan refugees who cross the Simón Bolívar International Bridge every day.

Grupo Panda highlighted that the machines process VES (sovereign Bolívar) and COP (Colombian pesos). The devices allow anyone to process payments through the payment system, which provides users with the ability to avoid the volatility of the fiduciary currency. The machines process sales using a digital asset such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or visitors can also buy Pandabtm coins. Lozano told that the company has 15,000 users and three new associations. Panda Group is collaborating with Cobru, Gracon and Pagos Inteligentes. The founder of Panda Group explained that the new alliances are intended to reinforce the true adoption of the cryptocurrency in Latin America.

Opening of operations in our own house

In addition to the Pandabtm facilities, Lozano said Panda Group’s commercial platform,, allows all Colombians to deposit and withdraw POPs. On July 15, the accounts will be able to exchange 113 different cryptocurrencies and tokens against the local store. The founder said that this is the first time that the door opens in his country, since the team, based in Colombia, has previously worked in Panama, Europe and Portugal.

“Panda Group is a Colombian and Venezuelan company that started its operations almost three years ago with the hope of opening our operations in Colombia and generating a true Latin American adoption. However, thanks to the slowness and fears, we ended up operating outside of Colombia, in regions such as Panama and Portugal, “Lozano explained, adding:

“Now we come to open operations in our own home and we hope that the Colombian government and local banks will see us as allies. The Panda Group wants to promote the true education of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies and to heal the wounds caused by the pyramid and ponzi schemes that plagued Colombia. “

Pushing the orange economy to the blockchain

Lozano insisted that the Panda Group wants the citizens of the country to know what the true cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation solutions are. He noted that the Panda team is full of passionate and talented people who are willing to work hard to achieve that goal. The founder of Panda Group explained that Latin America was an “orange economy” full of cultural and creative entrepreneurs. Among the Panda Group team,,, Pandabtm and Xpay, your team is ready to take the “orange economy to the level of the block chain”. Lozano commented more:

“We will help all people who want to learn what cryptocurrency technology is or help them buy their first digital currency using one of our many services where you can buy BCH, BTC and more.”

The demand for digital assets in Colombia surpasses many other Latin American countries and the region ranks second after Brazil in terms of adoption. In fact, Rodolfo Andragnes, executive director of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, explained that there is a clamor about Bitcoin and its “popularity has been impressive considering that only ten years have passed and hundreds of new cryptocurrencies have been created”. “Brazil, Argentina, Mexico” Venezuela and Colombia are the countries with the highest activity and growth in the use of cryptocurrencies throughout Latin America, “said Andragnes in June.” Colombia has great potential and more and more people see the benefits of Bitcoin “, explained the executive of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, located in Bogotá, Lozano agrees that Colombia is a force to be taken into account when it comes to the use of digital assets and general activity in Latin America.

One of the Pandabtm machines located in Cúcuta, near the Simón Bolívar International Bridge, aims to help the Venezuelan refugees escape from the difficulties of their affected economy. The 300-meter-long bridge crosses the Táchira River, which covers the border with Colombia and Venezuela. Cúcuta is an access point for many Venezuelans who seek the security of the country’s economic crisis. The Simón Bolívar International Bridge sees a lot of traffic when the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, closed the bridge to vehicular traffic. Due to the contraband of gasoline this measure was implemented.

“Thousands of Venezuelans cross the bridge,” Lozano told news. “Cars are not allowed to cross the bridge and only people can cross by taking basic things like medicines, food and supplies. They spend to buy food and some of them are crossing to get to Peru or Ecuador. They pass and, sometimes, they stay a few days. Some go to work and return home at night. “This is a very dynamic frontier, it is the most economically mobile in Latin America.

The Pandabtm located on the other side of the Táchira River is located in the city of Villa del Rosario, which receives a large number of Venezuelan travelers daily. Lozano is satisfied with the advances that Panda Group has achieved and concluded that the company’s objectives include increasing the ease of use of the cryptocurrency and spreading economic prosperity. The founder of the Panda Group added:

“Our products are designed so that even our grandparents can use them and we are always thinking of our Venezuelan brothers and sisters.”

International trade between Venezuela and Colombia has been developing for decades, it is a very porous frontier, the people of Venezuela move to buy what they consider necessary, also people from Colombia visit Venezuela and carry out their commercial exchanges normally, technology blockchain-bitcoin can now help these exchanges be fluid. It is waiting for new announcements.


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