Peñarol football club plans to launch its own cryptocurrency.

Club Atlético Peñarol, one of the most traditional football clubs in Uruguay, is considering the creation of its own cryptocurrency. This was confirmed on Thursday, July 11, through a publication in his official Twitter account.

In this publication, Peñarol alludes to a wave of rumors about that possibility in social networks. The club explained that “the initiative to create this cryptocurrency was presented days ago to the club authorities”. The Board of Directors is evaluating the project, the club added in the statement.

The message issued by Peñarol does not shed light on the nature of that alleged cryptocurrency. It is unknown in which blockchain it will be or for what that cryptoactive will be used. Neither does it advance possible dates for the approval of the project or its hypothetical implementation.

This fueled the criticism of various fans in response to the tweet of the Uruguayan club. In the comments, fans claim the lack of hiring new talent and consider the announcement as “smoke.”

A group of workers of an English railway company that operated in the country at the time founded Peñarol in 1981. Since then, has won a total of 52 Uruguayan championships and other more than 40 local trophies. Internationally, it has 5 Copa Libertadores and 3 Intercontinental Cups.

If we review the South American football, there is some background, particularly in Brazil. In the Brazilian league, highlights the plans of Corinthians, one of the most important clubs in the area of ​​São Paulo.

The club officially launched its plans in March, when they announced in a statement that they would launch the Timãocoin token (SCC). With that crypto-active, club fans could access goods and services associated with Corinthians.

Said token ERC-20 is registered in the blockchain of Ethereum. However, so far the total supply of 100,000,000 SCC is in the same direction, as can be seen in

Another Brazilian football club, the Athletico Paranaense, even planned to pay their players’ salaries with a cryptocurrency of their own. However, last March the rupture of the team with the company Inoovi, which would be in charge of developing the IVI token for the Paranaense, was announced. According to the information disclosed at the time by a local media, said company did not comply with the payments foreseen in the agreement between the parties, which dated from July 2018.

Beyond Latin American territory, the initiative of the European club Gibraltar United stands out. Last year, the team partnered with Quantocoin, a cryptocurrency ecosystem company with the participation of soccer club president Pablo Dana. His intention is not only to pay the salaries of his players with cryptocurrencies, but to use the latter to make signings of new figures.

Quantocoin cryptocurrency (QTC) was used in one of the most striking cases in the world of football. The company Heritage Sports Holdings, based in the United Arab Emirates, agreed to the use of said cryptocurrency to purchase 25% of the shares of Rimini, a soccer club of the Italian Third Division.


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