Reveal scam website that promises profits in Bitcoin Cash

An investigation by Malwarebytes Labs revealed details about a scam website that offers visitors free bitcoin cash (BCH) amounts in exchange for a small contribution. The analysis of the site was published by researcher Christopher Boyd, this Wednesday, July 3.

Boyd, who is a leading malware intelligence analyst at the firm, warned Internet users to stay away from the Bitcoin Cash Generator site. As described, it is an elaborate scam that makes visitors believe that they are capable of injecting an exploit into the network and the blockchain of Bitcoin Cash, to extract coins.

The researcher says that this is a new twist given to a type of survey scams, typical of the world of video game players. In his opinion, the great exposure that the war had within the Bitcoins Cash community in 2018 could be the framework for the construction of this deception.

According to the investigation, the fraudulent site claims to be able to create a transaction of up to 2.5 BCH, which will supposedly be transferred to the user’s bitcoin cash purse. This would be possible, they say, by “injecting” pieces of malicious software that exploit alleged vulnerabilities, both in the mining pools and in the Bitcoin Cash block chain.

To make your speech more convincing, once the user provides his portfolio address and clicks on “home”, the site shows a series of pop-up windows that describe a process that, in reality, is not happening. Messages such as “injecting transfer requests in the block chain”, or “connection to the blockchain maintenance channel”, can be read at this stage.

After announcing the success of the fictional Bitcoin Cash hack, the scam is made concrete through the request of a small contribution to honor the supposed commissions of the miners. The site warns that without this fee, the transaction by the “hacked” BCHs will not be confirmed.

“The Bitcoin Cash network requires that a small fee be paid for each transaction sent to the miners, otherwise the transaction may never be confirmed. To guarantee that your transaction is confirmed in a consistent and reliable manner, pay the miners a fee of 0.00316 BCH for this transaction at: address of the portfolio.”

Of course, the false transaction is never confirmed. The analyst of the case pointed out that this scheme is repeated in sites such as freebtc (dot) uw (dot) hu and smartcoingenerator (dot) com.

Moreover, Boyd provided a link to a Bitcoin Cash browser, where you can confirm the status of the address that provides the fraudulent site to receive contributions from users. At the time of writing this report, the scammers have collected 1,234 BCH, equivalent to about USD 500 at the current price.

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