Microsoft launches new tool to audit Ethereum’s smart contracts.

Microsoft has launched a new open source tool that will allow auditing and analyzing smart contracts written in Solidity, the popular programming language commonly used in the Ethereum blockchain.

Microsoft’s new tool, called VeriSol (short for Solidity Verifier), allows programmers to express “the desirable behavior of smart contracts written in a subset of the popular Solidity programming language,” so that “machinery can be used.” mathematical logic “to audit the status of a specification in an implementation of a given intelligent contract.

VeriSol has also joined the Azure smart contract development line. The chief software engineer of the Azure team, Cody Born, commented:

“VeriSol allows us to iterate more quickly thanks to continuous and automated checking, and allows us to capture failures more quickly without having to worry about affecting users.”

While VeriSol is still a prototype powered mainly by intelligent contracts at Azure, researchers have high goals for the verification tool, commenting that they are looking to “encourage open collaboration to help take the advances in formal verification to the development of contracts.” intelligent in general.

The principal investigator of Microsoft Shuvendu Lahiri concluded:

“Our vision is to empower not only the developers and users of the Azure blockchain, but also to contribute to a safer blockchain ecosystem and help people to take advantage of the full potential of the technology, without being affected by costly errors in contracts. smart.”


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