Expert Opinion on the Bitcoin Rise

The price of Bitcoin is still a reason for analysis in view of the large increase it has had in recent weeks, several experts say and give their predictions about the future of Bitcoin.

From Spain, the co-founder of 2gether, Salvador Casquero, and the CEO of the firm, Ramón Ferraz, shared with Cointelegraph en Español, on June 27, an analysis on the current scenario of this cryptocurrency. “It is not a disposable scenario that in 2019 can reach USD 20,000,” they said. “It is possible, many consider that the Bitcoin still has a lot of potential for growth in value, since it is the main cryptocurrency and have the effects of the network.It is difficult to anticipate the concrete evolution in each moment.” One thing that is certain is that volatility will continue It is not a disposable scenario that in 2019 can reach USD 20,000 “

According to David Orellana of Suribit Digital Assets, the price of Bitcoin increases slowly but relentlessly. David Orellana is currently Head of Research at Suribit Digital Assets, co-author of the book: “Trading, blockchain and cryptoeconomy: the tip of the iceberg”, and expert collaborator on Netexplo Spain’s Blockchain. About Suribit Digital Assets: It is a firm that aims to popularize the investment in digital assets and affirm that they want to facilitate it through its platform. In addition, it has a team of blockchain technology experts and investments that perform opportunities analysis.

Regarding Bitcoin, they pointed out that it is “a digital asset that we trust and that we believe should be in the investors’ long-term portfolios. But you have to be aware that along the way there will be curves, and that you have to have a certain risk tolerance to avoid leaving the market at the worst moment “,” What we have seen these days is not an anomalous situation. We can compare these last two months with the end of 2017, when BTC marked its historical maximum. We see that both times it was based on a similar price, but at one point its increases were more explosive. “When asked what will happen in the coming weeks, he replied:” We do not rule out cuts, but still maintain a bullish outlook. in the long term “

According to Jehan Chu, co-founder and managing partner of the Kenetic platform, he points out that Bitcoin could eventually reach a record high of USD 30,000 this year. This was reported by Expansión, from Mexico, on June 20. According to the publication, which bears the signature of Shannon Liao and cites CNN as a source, Jehan Chu owns Bitcoins and on several occasions has said in advance that the cryptocurrency will reach USD 30,000. He said that the low supply and the increase in demand, plus the potential investment of established companies such as Google and Apple, will drive up prices.

According to Kirill Bensonoff, CEO of OpenLTV, as JPMorgan, Fidelity and New York Stock Exchange join the cryptocurrency business, investors have come to rely more on Bitcoin as an asset for the growth of their portfolios.

For its part, is one of the most popular markets and wallet of cryptocurrencies in Latin America. It emerged in 2015 in Chile, being an automatic trading platform (exchange) of bitcoin. Now they operate in four countries in Latin America. And they work with four cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash). Cointelegraph en Español spoke with Alejandro Beltrán Torrado, Country Manager of the firm in Colombia, to learn more about that company and the vision they have in the region. In relation to Bitcoin they point out that “We will go from niche to mainstream technology. Its growth in use as a transactional solution is exponential and has a positive outlook. Beyond speculation, Bitcoin shows that it is here to stay “

It should be noted that, Andres Tejero CEO at, points out that with the exponential increase of Bitcoin in recent weeks have appeared again the “gurus” giving their projections that can reach up to US $ 20,000, US $ 50,000 and up to US $ 100,000 this year. You do not need to be “enlightened” from the crypto market to know that they only say expressions of desire, rather than a serious analysis. With movements that are taking place in the last hours, nobody can predict what will happen with the Bitcoin value in the future. or what is certain, is that Bitcoin has enormous potential.

It should be noted that the United States Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on June 24 gave LedgerX the license to operate with future markets based / derived from Bitcoin. In addition to having this new license, it also has the approval to act as feasibility of execution of swaps (SEF, for its acronym in English) for institutional cryptographic operations over 10 million dollars regularly. However, it is clear that Bitcoin was not designed for institutions, and that is why this license is so important. From it, new people can go to these retail markets from LedgerX Ommi.

In this order of ideas, it is unpredictable to know the future behavior of Bicoin, what if it is true that it is already being used as a financial instrument, and its boom will remain for a long time


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