Pokémon musical parody promotes the use of bitcoin

The original song of the popular anime Pokémon has a new version that promotes the use of bitcoin. The interpreter of the original version of the song in English, the American singer and producer Jason Paige, launched his new interpretation with the intention of promoting the cryptocurrency and its technology.

Paige introduced her new theme with a slight change to the title, going from “catch” (catch, in reference to the different types of pokémon) to “cash” (cash, in reference to the use of bitcoin as currency to pay for products and services ).

One of the first parts of the song sentences: “Mine is our true test. Using them is our cause. ” Another fragment of the subject warns that “the banks are scared because (bitcoin) is spreading everywhere”.

Through the song of Pokémon the producer reviews the potentialities of bitcoin and its blockchain, emphasizes the trust of the transactions, the decentralization in the management of the network and the non-existence of intermediaries.

Likewise, the version highlights anonymity, freedom, independence and security in the use of Bitcoin technology. He also warns that “governments will try to stop what can not be undone”, since “cryptocurrencies are here to stay” and “the future has begun”.

Paige is mainly recognized for her contribution to the Pokémon program on television, one of the most watched series of recent decades. However, in his career we can also highlight his time in the 70s rock band Blood Sweat & Tears, between 2011 and 2012. He has also made voices for TV shows, has participated in some films and participated with choirs in the disc Art of McCartney, tribute to Paul McCartney, in which it shared with artists like Billy Joel or the band Kiss.

Source: Criptonoticias

Image: Pixabay

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