Bitcoin again reaches the USD 8,000 mark, while the other currencies are green; experts warn of the ominous volatility of the stock market

On Friday, June 7: after a recent unstable feeling, the crypto markets are firmly green, with bitcoin (BTC) breaking above the USD 8,000 mark, as shown by the Coin360 data.

After having risen above the psychological price of USD 9,000 in May, bitcoin has since shown significant corrections, trading briefly below USD 7,600 on June 6. At the close of this edition, the main currency is showing a solid green color, once again exceeding USD 8,000 to trade at USD 7,003, an increase of approximately 1.8% on the day itself, according to data from CoinMarketCap. During the week, cryptocurrency losses remain at 3.9%.

The highest altcoin by market capitalization, ether (ETH), has shown a gain of 1.21% on the day at the close of this edition to quote around USD 250. After having quoted above USD 270 on June 1, ether has corrected to the downside and has remained in the range of USD 240-50 in recent days. The altcoin is reporting a slight loss of 2.66% in the week.

XRP has reported a solid gain of 4.36% on the day to trade at USD 0.42 at the close of this edition. The asset reached its peak on June 3, when it traded near USD 0.46. During the week, XRP losses are at a slight 0.6%.

Among the ten main cryptocurrencies at the close of this edition, all are in green, except the eighth largest currency, bitcoin sv (BSV), which has reported a loss of 1.26% on the day to quote around USD 198.

The biggest gain of 24 hours has been reached by the fifth largest litecoin crypto (LTC), which has risen 8.45% to trade at USD 113.50. Ten other major currencies, such as bitcoin cash (BCH), stellar (XLM) and eos (EOS), are experiencing smoother gains of between 1 and 3%.

Expanding to the top twenty positions, virtually all currencies are green, with the exception of ethereum classic (ETC), which has dropped a slight 0.8% to quote at USD 7.94 at the close of this edition.

The seventeenth largest currency, XTZ, has shown the highest profit, growing 12.65% to quote USD 1.34 at the close of this edition. Cosmos (ATOM) reports a 5.25% gain on the day, with cardan (ADA), neo (NEO) and nem (XEM) showing more typical gains of between 3.5 and 4% on the day.

At the close of this edition, the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is around USD 255,780 million, compared to the maximum of USD 276,560 million registered on June 2. The Bitcoin domain is 55.5%.

In the crypto-market news, the margin lenders in the US cryon exchange Poloniex lost about USD 13.5 million due to a sudden fall on May 26. An article in the exchange’s blog indicated that a sharp drop in prices in the clams market (CLAM) had caused losses on margin loans amounting to approximately 1,800 bitcoin, around USD 13.5 million at the close of this edition.

Meanwhile, other alleged details continue to appear in connection with Facebook’s long-awaited crypto project, with new reports stating that it is now known that there are 100 people working on the project according to the profiles of the professional networking platform LinkedIn.

In traditional markets, CNN Business has reported that Masanari Takada, strategist at Japanese financial holding company Nomura, has warned that the recent swings in Wall Street are becoming ominously similar to the market sentiment that preceded Lehman’s fall in 2008 and the subsequent financial crisis.

However, the first stock markets today have shown strong openings. As of 6:21 AM (EDT), the Stoxx Europe 600 index rose 0.8%, the highest registered in more than two weeks, according to Bloomberg. Futures on the S & P 500 index also experienced the largest increase in the same period, up 0.3%, while the UK’s FTSE 100 index increased 0.7%, its biggest gain in more than three weeks.


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