Spanish Civil Guard creates cryptocurrency for cybersecurity contest.

The Spanish Civil Guard announced on Tuesday, June 4, the creation of a cryptocurrency that will be granted as a means to obtain rewards during the National Cyberleague. It is an interuniversity contest that will seek the recruitment of cybersecurity talent in Spanish territory.

The competition will begin in the month of September and will have its final phase in November. There will be individual and team challenges. The winner between the teams will be guaranteed a 15 day study trip to China. For its part, the individual champion will be invited to participate in the national team of young IT security talent that will compete in the European Cybersecurity Challenge.

In a press release, the Spanish government clarifies that the cryptoactive created for the occasion, tricoin, will be used as a means to award prizes to participants in the CyberLeague.

“The final winners and also those of each qualifying phase will be able to obtain a series of prizes, consisting of computer and telecommunications products, training grants and internships in companies. To exchange them, the participants will use a special cryptocurrency that the Civil Guard has created for the occasion, the “tricoin”.”

The Civil Guard has not given more details about tricoin -name allusive to the three-cornered hat used by the Spanish Civil Guard- until now. In fact, on the website of the event can be read simply in the section dedicated to the cryptoactive: “The winning teams will receive their rewards in a cryptocurrency that we have created, specifically, for the National Cyber ​​League: the tricoin. We will explain the mechanics of using the rewards shortly”.

The Spanish authorities have begun to pay close attention to blockchain technology and cryptoactives. Not only from the tax point of view. They also announced a contest of technological projects that could opt for government financing. Among the areas accepted for the call made in May, there were projects related to cryptocurrencies.


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