Bitcoin Venezuela: The Dancing Devils with Bitcoin: a route to celebrate the 300 year old Venezuelan tradition

The tourist agency Costa Cacao Lin opened the invitation to enjoy the culture and tradition of the “Dancing Devils” in the town of Chuao, on the Venezuelan coast, to the sound of drums and accompanied by the flavor of the region’s cocoa.

The tourism agency Costa Cacao Lin is offering a cultural route to enjoy the Venezuelan tradition of the “Dancing Devils”, with the option of paying with Bitcoin.

With more than a year venturing into the cryptographic ecosystem, this initiative has promoted various tourist packages and routes, including the Cocoa Route, with the option to pay in Bitcoin and Dash. Its founders, Maria Vielma and Isidro Valero, have been offering tourist packages for 3 years to publicize the patron saint festivities typical of the region of Chuao, Aragua state.

The celebration of the Dancing Devils and Costa Cacao begins on June 20 Lin is promoting a travel package to the town of Chuao to celebrate this invaluable Venezuelan tradition.

Route of The Dancing Devils in Bitcoin

Known as the “Dancing Devils of Yare”, this is a religious festival celebrated in Venezuela, mainly in the homonymous region of Yare, in Miranda state. Different communities of the country celebrate this tradition for almost 300 years, paying tribute to the Blessed Sacrament in a dance characterized by joy and bright colors.

With this motive, the invitation of the Venezuelan touristic group is to make a tour of 5 days and 4 nights where, following the Dancing Devils, the guests will also be able to enjoy the feast of San Juan Bautista. The route departs from Caracas, on June 20, to Chuao, with return on Tuesday 25. The basic package includes ground transportation, Caracas – Choroní, and sea transportation, Choroní – Chuao for USD $ 15 in Bitcoin or Dash.

 Cultural manifestations like these are followed by photographers, historians, journalists, among others, who appreciate these traditions to study them in depth. Here we invite you to be part of this cultural festival to be held in Chuao.

Declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2012, this festival is celebrated in the month of May, on Thursday of Corpus Christi (9 Thursday after Holy Thursday), in a ritual that represents the triumph of good over evil. For this, the members dress in red costumes, capes and colorful masks made by hand with horns, simulating the demons, and dance through the town until they reach the church to the sound of drums, maracas and other instruments.

The agency has other travel packages that include lodging, meals, guided tours and local products, among which chocolate originating in the region. For more information, interested parties can check the company’s Instagram, and fill out the reservation form here.

Flavors of Chuao

This is the first tourist route on the occasion of a Venezuelan festive tradition that the group promotes with the option of paying with cryptocurrencies, said Isidro Valero, co-founder of the agency, in an exclusive interview with DiarioBitcoin:

This initiative is part of the trend of crypto tourism that we are carrying out to raise the use of cryptocurrencies and give value to tourism in Venezuela.

In the interview, Valero stressed that the use of cryptocurrencies has been beneficial for the company because they find in them a way to boost tourism “and make known the beautiful coasts and traditions that Venezuela has”.

For Costa Cacao Lin, this type of tourism initiatives have been very receptive.

The couple of Venezuelan entrepreneurs, in addition to taking the travel agency, has also developed other initiatives with cryptocurrencies. Among them, the group offers various local products; Fish, chocolates, pastries, typical empanadas, all with the option to pay in Bitcoin and Dash.

A point of interest to attend the route is that after the three days of celebration of Dancing Devils, on the banks of the river in Pozo Copey, the village community has the tradition of preparing a typical sancocho to commemorate the closing of the festivities . This meeting will be open to all public and tourists can also attend to share with the community of Chuao.


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