USD 2.8 million would have been swindled to cryptocurrency investors in Venezuela.

The director of the Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations Corps (CICPC) of Venezuela, Douglas Rico, reported this May 28 about the arrest of three alleged fraudsters of almost $ 3 million to investors of cryptocurrencies.

According to Rico’s statements, offered during a press conference, the three subjects were arrested in the state of Carabobo, in the central region of the country, where they represented the Coinvest company, dedicated to the cryptocurrency trading market. It adds that the amount cheated was of 2.8 million dollars that belonged to four citizens, whose identities were safeguarded by security measures.

The detainees respond to the names of Johan Antonio Infante García, 30, who identifies himself as CEO of Coinvest, according to the company’s website. Infante is accused of fraud when he is in charge of recruiting the victims and convincing them to make the investment, according to Rico’s explanation. The other two detainees are Francisco Antonio Herrera Simanca (46) and Sergio Alejandro Better Zambrano (35), who would be in charge of receiving the funds in their accounts. These two people are not among the members of the Coinvest team.

The modus operandi of these people consisted in requesting the victims to transfer different sums of money in dollars or crypto-assets, to supposedly invest in the cryptocurrency market. The promise was to cancel the 8% monthly interest. According to the director of the CICPC, the subjects complied with the cancellation of interest during the first two months, and then cut off the communication with the investors. As a result of these circumstances, citizens make the complaint in the Division against Organized Crime of the police force, which initiates the investigations of the case, until the arrest of these three people.

The director adds that during the arrest process four computers of different brands and models were seized, along with three computers for bitcoin mining, as well as cash (dollars and Colombian pesos). The detainees also possessed a firearm with its charger and three vehicles.

Also, he said that there are more investors who have also been victims of these people, so he warned citizens to be more careful when choosing companies for investment with cryptoactive. He also recommended that Venezuelans go to the CICPC in case of being a victim of any type of scam with cryptocurrencies.

Regarding this fact, the Carabobeña News Agency had already informed on May 16 about the detention of Infante, although at that time an analyst from the company indicated that the employees had no information about the incident and there was no certainty about his capture. Coinvest is promoted as a Venezuelan company dedicated to financial services based on blockchain technology.


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